Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

The anatomy of a workout

Time to delve into my diverse playlist a bit and to also share some of the idle thoughts that float about while one is killing an hour or two in the gym.
- Genesis "misunderstanding"
-Foreigner "say you will"
-Chicago "I don't Wanna Live without Your Love" (seriously, WHY do i keep this on my Ipod? really? "guess I had to lose you to realize how much I loved you" isn't that always the case in love? and great, now my knee is starting to hurt again, maybe I'll only do 30 minutes instead of an hour.)
-Justin Timberlake "FutureSex/LoveSounds" (man, if I was a stripper, I'd totally 'dance' to this song....yes, these thoughts run through my mind while on an elliptical!)
-Maroon 5 "Back At Your Door" (excellent, a sports bloopers show is on the tv, now I won't notice that I have like another 40 minutes on this darn devil machine!)
-Chicago "You're the Inspiration" (Ah, nothing dulls pain in the knees like cheesey love songs of the 80s. BTW guy in front of me, if you have to adjust your gf's elliptical for her, you are dating a dumbass & it's also quite nauseating that you two are wearing damn near matching workout clothes)
-DJ Gusto "Turning Me on Break"
-The Eagles "The Long Run"
-Metallica " Through the Never"
-Squeeze "Black Coffee In Bed"
-Britney Spears "One Kiss from you" (hello hot guy 2 ellipticals down...wouldn't mind getting one kiss from you, that's for sure)
-REO Speedwagon "Back on the Road Again" (dammit, the sports bloopers show is over!!! now I got some bird watching crap on this tv. Oh and commercials every 5 minutes congratulating Kobe the Rapist for being the Lakers' all-time scorer. Don't worry Magic Johnson, you're still the all-time leading scorer off the court for the Lakers. Man, Fox sports West sucks!)
-New Kids On The Block "Step by Step" remix (thank god for the time they are over, you've knocked a huge chuck of time off the damn clock)
-Gwen Stefani "Danger Zone"
-Natasha Bedingfield "Happy" (I really need to apply this song to my life more.)
-Debbie Gibson "Play the Field" (and I should've applied this one more when I was younger, maybe then I wouldn't be such a screw up when it comes to dating cuz I never really did it. I just bounced from long-term relationship to long-term relationship which would explain why I've only had 3 real boyfriends in my life)
-Scissor Sisters "Lights"
-PM Dawn "About Nothing"
-Metallica "My Friend of Misery" (wow, the Ipod really does like The Black Album today)
-Britney Spears "Lonely"
-Bobby Brown "I'll Be Good to You"
-Bobby Brown "Every Little Step" (and Ipod also likes some Bobby Brown today too. really ipod? you know, you're really not mixing it up today like you were about a week ago. we need to have a talk about this.)
-No Doubt "Making Out" (yeah, i remember when i used to count down days until making out)
-Kylie Minogue "Cosmic"

Train like an athlete, my friends.
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