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Interesting thoughts about food.

I'm watching Oprah's episode on Food 101. She has clips from the movie "Food Inc" (which is actually on my Netflix). Some interesting things in the episode:
-The poor chickens that we eat are grown so fast that most of them never see sunlight and they can't even walk because their internal organs can't keep up with their rapid growth. I try to eat only free-range chickens to begin with when I'm cooking, but after that, I think I'm pretty much done eating chickens when I don't know where the hell they come from. That was some nasty stuff with how bad those chickens were treated.
-Grass-fed cows people!!!! Cows were not supposed to eat corn & they sure as shit weren't supposed to be shot up with antibiotics. This is why we are starting to get drug-resistant bugs!
-I love some of the "food rules" the guy on the show had: If your great-grandmother wouldn't consider it food, don't eat it. I personally try to stick to the rule of staying away from anything that has ingredients that a third-grader couldn't pronounce. Food additives are supposed to be bad for ADD anyway, so I try my hardest to steer clear of them. I still have a weakness for Doritos sometimes. I've actually had fewer sinus & stomach issues & fewer migraines since reading labels more closely and trying to eat natural/organic as possible.
-I didn't know that Chipotle was so health conscious. They even work with local farmers for product and their meats are free-range!

Seeing this episode makes me even more appreciative and grateful to have a store like Fresh & Easy available to me.
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