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From Twitter 02-17-2010

  • 00:09:55: Johnny Weir is freaking awesome. it's like a male Lady Gaga on ice. not shocking cuz he rolls w/ her. Finally some charisma in these games!
  • 00:21:42: hope this gay sailor who is skating sails better than he skates cuz he's bit the ice twice now.
  • 01:00:04: this knee of mine is really pissing me the hell off. I'm like level 4 pissitivity as @OGOchoCinco would say
  • 01:14:56: watching Man In The Moon..Oh Courtney Love, why do u have to be a damn train wreck? u're such a good actress when u keep the crazy in check.
  • 01:37:20: Although you can bump into a few old fears along the way to sa... More for Leo
  • 03:16:02: Just saw "man on the moon" & I can clearly say that Jim Carey was robbed in 2000.
  • 03:52:22: Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the Indians are the LAST team to report to spring training OTHER than a cheap owner?!
  • 03:53:02: @jamesbaltazar then he should come to Cleveland. their slogan is "at least we're not Detroit!"
  • 04:04:25: I lose my shit over Indians baseball and the season hasn't even started yet:
  • 04:34:04: @jaycrawfordespn not kidding, if I see that cheap ass miser in Goodyear, I'm going to make him an offer: all the money in my car console
  • 05:01:50: @jamesbaltazar unless you are an Indians fan, then you are on a one-week delay
  • 13:17:34: RT @HarloweBlonde: I'd like, just once, to see someone in an interview say "Actually, no-I'm not surprised he killed 27 people. He was a ...
  • 13:18:15: @HarloweBlonde that was so funny, i had to retweet.
  • 13:21:13: RT @SaraJBenincasa: All the Catholics get so Goth today. Everyone's church is a Hot Topic!
  • 13:21:51: @michaeldempster i dare you to live on-shroom tweet Alice In Wonderland when it comes out...wait, that movie already is on shrooms.
  • 13:22:43: @Rhiannon2408 no, because i would love to have the same thing only at a baseball game
  • 15:18:51: @CocksWithP I wanna know why my cat leaves his toy ribbons & stuffed gorilla in my bedroom doorway!
  • 17:00:37: Off to work
  • 21:59:01: RT @TMadCLE Should they just send us the trophy now?
  • 22:01:08: @OGOchoCinco I'll be there tomorrow night. Don't stand me up
  • 22:16:19: @TMadCLE he's in la filming a commercial & told peeps to meet him tomorrow night
  • 22:41:54: @TMadCLE nope just the first 45
  • 23:49:44: @TMadCLE child please!

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