Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

welcome to another season of Indians baseball....

Oh wait, I forgot, we're on a one-week delay for spring training!!! So later today, when pitchers and catchers start to report for OTHER teams in MLB, our pitchers, catchers & other players will still be on the golf course, goofing around on Twitter (yes, I'm talking to you, Matt & Grady!), playing X-Box & god knows what else. Why? Because our owner is SO FUCKING CHEAP that he's cutting cost by shaving a week off of spring training! You'd think a team that is rebuilding, has a known history of slow starts, is full of young & rather inexperienced players & finished dead last in their division...oh my bad...TIED for dead last in their division (thank you Kansas City for sucking just as much as we did!) would maybe...just MAYBE...want to spend a little extra tossing the ball and rounding the bases. Maybe, if we didn't start a week later than everyone else, we wouldn't have such slow and disastrous starts because we'd actually be ready for the season to start.

Once again, Larry Dolan, please feel free to die in a fire at your earliest convenience because once again, you have made Chief Wahoo cry. You best pray I don't win the Mega Millons or Powerball next time it hits $200-300 million because I guarantee you, I'll come gunning to buy your ass out. I wish an angry fan mob would tie stadium hot dog buns to your entire body and leave you for the seagulls who attempt to roam the outfield.

Fasten your seatbelts Tribe fans....I have a feeling we're going to be riding that propeller plane from Major League again this season & all the turbulance that comes with it.
Tags: baseball, indians, sports
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