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From Twitter 02-13-2010

  • 00:26:57: @stevenbward have a father who is seriously ill. how do I address that if asked about my parents on 1st/2nd date w/o seeming Debi Downer?
  • 01:09:59: The whole time they're showing parts of Vancouver, I'm thinking "saw that on MacGyver, saw that on Highlander the Series."
  • 01:10:16: @Gator4God how's the hip coming?
  • 01:10:28: RT @transmothra: Went to the bookstore earlier today & brought home excellent Beat material. Wait, that came out wrong.
  • 01:10:36: @transmothra hahaha, i HAD to retweet that
  • 01:12:36: These Canadians are freakin nuts! chasing the Olympic torch...they're probably all trashed on Moosehead and Molson
  • 01:37:39: Today's New Moon gives the current pile-up of planets in your ... More for Leo
  • 02:17:57: I have a really cool blog planned in my mind that I've been trying to write for 2 days now, but my damn Ipod won't cooperate.
  • 02:33:45: 19-hr day...yeah, i'm calling it a night. time for bed. taxes tomorrow.
  • 03:38:40: @SaraJBenincasa I bet THAT is a hit with feelings face! Haha
  • 12:46:14: @KristinOswald dog part of family, cat part of family.
  • 14:18:50: @fallenwiccan what makes you think we want him back in LA if he's not hot?!
  • 14:25:04: @fallenwiccan well he never really could sing live that well.
  • 14:41:11: @snowwhiteonacid i've only had that once
  • 14:41:41: gym time
  • 15:35:51: @snowwhiteonacid they have good customer service. Don't yell too loud
  • 20:48:34: knew this dunk contest would be lame when the participants were named.
  • 21:48:58: I hope u all realize now why LeBron couldn't participate in this weak ass dunk contest field. He would've won just showing up & saying hi
  • 21:51:37: @jvibes fun times working on the shoot...well at least I had fun. Hope I kept ya on or ahead of schedule by busting my stuff out fast.
  • 21:53:45: My tax guy got me back enough money for new hair, new pix AND Indians spring training! see ya @gradysize24 and @gator4god! AZ here i come
  • 22:16:07: think it's time to reacquaint myself with an old friend by the name of Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

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