Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

no pain, no gain

One of my favorite sports movies is "The Program". I saw it the opening weekend with a bunch of football players, the original edit before some jackasses got killed trying to imitate a scene in the film. There's a part in the film where the coach asks the player if he's hurt or if he's injured. The player asks "what's the difference?", the coach replies "if you're hurt, you can play. If you're injured...." From that day it on, it pretty much became my mantra with anything athletic.

I'm hurting. These grueling workouts I'm putting myself through are hurting me or at least hurting my injuries. Those go a little something like this:
-chronic tendonitis in my whole entire body & extremely tight hamstrings mostly from growing too fast.
-both knees have had tendon issues (1 in high school, 1 in college)
-back and neck crap from a car wreck I was in during college (that went undiagnosed for like 8 years because I thought I was fine at the time it happened)
-partially torn tendon in my ankle that instead of resting, i shot up with cortizone and downed a LOT of painkillers (scarily, sometimes with vodka). the same ankle that I had a hairline fracture in during jr high that went undiagnosed for 3 weeks because i convinced my mom I just sprained it.
-bursitis in my left shoulder

Notice I said "hurt", though. No pain, no gain and if I want to gain back my college body and "reinvent" myself here in L.A., I'm going to have to just suck it up and play "hurt" through the 2-3 hour workouts, 4-6 times a week. I'm mixing the workouts too & I'm still hurting. Surprisingly, it's not my ankle (which was the worst of my injuries)'s my left knee. Oh well, screw it, i have health insurance now.

And if you're wondering what i'm doing, it's a mix. Usually an hour outdoors and then to the gym for another 2 (1 hr cardio, 1 hr weights & stretching), but if I have a busy day then it's only 1-2 hours inside the gym only.
-spin bike
-dance with me (which is a dance class that incorporates several styles of dance in one class)
-weights (machine and free)

And just for comparison purposes, so everyone doesn't think I'm nuts or anything: I used to practice AT LEAST 5 hrs a day in college pre-season, 2-3 during, 1-2 offseason. I will be ready when summer league signups come along in april/may. I'm gonna dominate some bitches on a court again & I'm going to start dominating some serious body shots in the modeling portfolio again. Gotta be hot for the baby puma roles & healthy lifestyle mags.
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