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From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 01:42:50: bobby brown better win Celebrity Fit Club, he needs the money! he be sleeping on people's couches and shit
  • 01:43:44: And I don't know who cast this season of Celebrity Fit Club, but GENIUS!!!!
  • 01:45:15: You may feel as if an opportunity for a friendship or romance ... More for Leo
  • 01:46:08: I MUST start blogging TV shows again, this ish is just off the damn meat hooks!
  • 03:28:01: i think i may have outwitted eharmony with their free communication weekend.
  • 03:43:18: @jfavreau wait, maybe not. it says free communication, but it's not letting me send anything. i'll let you know. might have to tinker more
  • 04:31:50: I blog, therefore I am:
  • 04:32:19: @SaraJBenincasa omg, we both posted links to our blogs like at the same time. sorry for the copycat move, i didn't know.
  • 12:57:17: @ErikaMarie If Federline wins, he should just hand the check over to her for the shit he did to her. I hope she claws his eyes out. haha.
  • 13:00:25: @MyTrainerBob O'Neal on that ball inspired me to try what he did. I have bad ankles. I used the wall as my "Bob" to stand close to.
  • 13:13:41: @OGOchoCinco Yelp! you can see people's reviews of carpet places.
  • 13:15:54: RT @barneysbeanery: Sunday Night! Barney's Anti-Valentines Party! Bloody Red Drink Specials, bring a pic of ur X for a free drink. Eat, ...
  • 13:17:17: up & soon ready to go...what will be my athletic poison today.
  • 13:30:51: I'm mocking all these couples with their valentine status thing on Facebook. Today is the cat, tomorrow might be a banana.
  • 16:18:35: Canyon & gym.
  • 16:23:29: @Ksafitness no cuz I'm not eating that stuff anymore
  • 18:09:29: Team Boston Rob-Colby, bitches!!! nuff said!
  • 18:09:49: @Jeff_Probst team boston rob, team colby!
  • 19:18:21: Crazy cakes getting busted in hwood:
  • 19:31:38: Cops are asking crazy cakes where he lives. I think he is so high he doesn't know what planet or dimension he's on/in!
  • 19:32:22: @fordmodels how about Los angeles & older models?
  • 21:03:19: I checked in at Frederick's of Hollywood (6753 Hollywood Boulevard) on #Yelp
  • 23:24:11: question at trivia: what is the black hole of Calcutta? Me: MY VAGINA!!!
  • 23:27:52: not even 5 minutes in and we already have quotable Boston Rob #survivor
  • 23:58:47: @snowwhiteonacid Yea, I hope to find a man like him for Valentine's Day

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