Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

The train wreck that is Celebrity Fit Club

I don't know who cast this season of Celebrity Fit Club, but he/she/they is/are a damn freakin GENIUS of Mensa proportions cubed! Hell, I thought it was going to be great enough with just Shar Jackson & Kevin Federline trying to not kill each other and dealing with all their damn emotional baggage, but it get even better with Bobby Brown, Jay McCarroll from Project Runway, Sebastian Bach and some mouthy ass chick from The Bad Girls Club (who didn't even recognize Federline until he introduced himself and then she realized the drizz-ama that was going to unfold with Shar & K-Fed...or should i say Kevin "Fat Ass" Federline as he called himself? I love how as soon as that unfolded the wheels started turning in Jay McCarroll's mind and he got a "pop culture boner".).

I'm just salivating now at the thought of a conversation that goes something like this & wishing it would occur:
Bobby: yo K-Fed dawg....your other baby mama wrecked my song, man.
Kevin: yeah, sorry about that. it was pretty bad.
Then again, they also could end up bonding over crazy singer chicks. I would take Whitney if one had to wager.

-Oh would appear that K-Fed is not allowed to acknowledge Miss Britney Spears by name. She is the "celebrity ex-wife". Child please, if you don't know who "celebrity ex-wife" is, you be living under a damn rock. FYI, Kevin Federline did have a respectable dance career before he latched on to her.
-this mouthy Bad Girls Club chick is having NONE of Harvey and guys....she "doesn't swallow". Bobby Brown wants to crack up while she's yelling at Harvey, then again, he also looks scared as shit.
-Oh the horror!!! Jay can't accessorize with camo pants.
-Bobby Brown better win Celebrity Fit Club, he needs the money! he be sleeping on people's couches and shit.
-wow...the gay man is keeping up (and beating?!?!) with k-fed!
-I see now what all the women find sooooooooooooo attractive in K-Fed. His support in their time of need.
-yes, Bobby, you better admit to still drinking because I've seen your ass at the Hard Rock drinking.
-Dr. Ian should never go to Souplantation with me or he'd freak at that "inch" rule with regards to the plates.
-oooooh those sneaky casting directors didn't tell Shar that Kevin was going to be on the show. AWESOME!!
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