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From Twitter 02-10-2010

  • 00:57:07: RT @loadedpaperclip: Look honey, every time you try to use a function in Excel, the Wizard and I laugh our asses off. SUMIF? Hilarious!
  • 01:01:39: OMG!!!! my gym @24hourfitness was on tonight's ep of The Biggest Loser & I was there when they taped it!
  • 01:21:30: @LaraSpencer fun times working the Olay gig over the weekend. Ever need a tennis partner, let me know, I'll play anyone, anytime!
  • 01:40:00: It appears that you have everything under control and your pos... More for Leo
  • 02:00:45: Cafe Audrey mention RuPaul's Drag's a coffee shop with and Audrey Hepburn theme
  • 02:18:08: the top model chicks have to be soooo jealous. the drag queen girls get cocktails while the judges are deliberating.
  • 02:30:52: @MarcIstook found you so you could find me since everyone spells my last name wrong.
  • 03:45:17: time to go to bed. had another decent night at work. now I'm REALLY starting to wonder if I was cursed & got it off me.
  • 12:59:32: @SaraJBenincasa i am jealous you have snow. btw, I'm thinking of going back to blonde. what do ya think?
  • 13:00:15: i'm jealous of everyone with the snow. I miss it. I also miss cute winter clothes.
  • 13:03:21: @RobinLemLime how do you manage to get up so early? my body just won't do it. It won't sleep early either.
  • 13:11:02: @HarloweBlonde but i tagged you in a picture of a bait machine in springfield on facebook!
  • 13:11:55: wow, who knew my eye drops came with a free cat toy inside of every box!??! yeah, the folded up insert is my cat's new obsession.
  • 13:18:38: @KristinOswald that's old school model/actor trick. Sarah Jessica Parker made it famous to drink coffee thru straw.
  • 13:19:30: @NickSwisher if i add you, do you add me? haha. j/k
  • 13:20:09: @NickSwisher sadly, i have no Valentine to get me anything.
  • 13:20:40: RT @MrWordsWorth: Vegas, why can't you make good on your slogan? If Celine is going to happen there, why can't she stay there?
  • 13:21:21: @snowwhiteonacid or before. I don't know how late they are open.
  • 13:29:20: @SaraJBenincasa just need the tax man to give me back enough money for hair & pix.
  • 14:34:26: I'm thinking Runyon and then gym. yes, i'm insane.
  • 15:07:19: Nice to see I was respected as an employee at the temp job I had this summer: name spelled WRONG on my W2
  • 15:47:43: Real nice way to call me for coffee today, stupid guy. I should just block his ass all over the place.
  • 16:18:10: @snowwhiteonacid match, I don't talk to spencer anymore.
  • 17:13:46: Hearing one of the songs u wouldved played at your wedding 4 days efore Vday....not fun!
  • 17:30:44: @espnext_jerry really? Cuz I'm pretty sure @jaycrawfordespn is only blessing my marriage if it's within the Buckeyes or Indians nation haha
  • 17:50:02: About to try my first dance class @24hourfitness I'm so white...this should be interesting
  • 17:54:37: I checked in at 24 Hour Fitness (6380 W Sunset Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 18:05:40: I know how to pick them..first class and it's being taught by Billy Banks...yeah, the tae bo guy
  • 18:06:42: @stevenbward :p I'm proud of my 2 degrees! Just took me a little while to get them
  • 20:33:49: @Ksafitness then why did they lose twice to the Cavs :) #facts
  • 23:18:00: @estepmike shush, i would love to be asked out via a facebook message
  • 23:33:17: @stevenbward i've always wondered if some of those calls are real or just made up scenarios by people trying to get on the radio.
  • 23:55:45: if offered the cover of Sports Illustrated, JUST SAY NO!.

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