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From Twitter 02-08-2010

  • 01:42:21: The Sun's harsh connection with controlling Pluto can push you... More for Leo
  • 02:26:52: ok, just woke up after dozing off on the couch for like 4 hrs...yep that's a sign for bed....and of how tired i was.
  • 02:36:42: Celebrity Fit Club starts tomorrow. K-Fat better not put B on blast because he gained weight or I'll find him and K-Fuck up his Ass
  • 03:20:14: Realizing it's not the person I missed, it's the connection with another person I miss
  • 03:21:56: @snowwhiteonacid who the hell has a bridal shower during the super bowl. #thingsiwillneverdo
  • 12:09:00: @rockinrobinp congrats. I see you got picked too. I'm filming tomorrow.
  • 12:09:41: RT @SaraJBenincasa: Because of Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian legally must bear the child Reggie gifted her with last night.
  • 12:20:07: @jfavreau I just want someone to "get me" the way a certain person "got me". someone who could read my mind & finish my sentences "get me"
  • 12:50:06: I will soon be the proud owner of the Britney Spears discography.
  • 13:12:01: @rockinrobinp I'm just glad we didn't go up against one another. haha.
  • 13:27:52: @NickSwisher now that we've gotten that football thing out of the way, let's fire up baseball season...mmm'kay!?
  • 13:54:18: @snowwhiteonacid everytime i hear that song, i think of that f'ing douchebag & then I hate myself a little.
  • 14:24:26: Ok....who told Facebook it was okay to take the brown acid today!??!
  • 14:45:54: must get to the gym...and then play tennis later.
  • 14:55:53: @castrovince noticed the Tribe is the LAST team to start spring training. No doubt a way for Dolan to spend less money once again.
  • 14:57:32: Dear Universe, please give the Indians a team owner who actually cares about the team & its fans. Not a cheap bastard like Dolan.
  • 15:59:21: @snowwhiteonacid I forgot about that makes for 2 guys ruining v day for me. Excellent
  • 16:06:53: Gym time
  • 16:19:29: @CocksWithP since they like safe more mature bets: prince again. Maybe duran duran, no doubt, garth Brooks since he's unretired, KISS
  • 16:20:38: @CocksWithP if they wanted newer but safe bets: Natasha bedingfield, John legend.
  • 17:09:29: @CocksWithP it sucks. The only way I get thru is knowing baseball spring training starts after that f'n commercialized contrived debacle
  • 17:46:25: @OGOchoCinco which location of Roscoe's?
  • 19:04:27: RT @FakeMikeShannon: Is pitchers & catchers reporting a turkey or ham holiday? I know what goes with it though. A few ice cold, frosty B ...
  • 19:05:17: why do i hear about all these auditions happening, yet my phone continues not to ring?
  • 20:03:37: @NYCRedhead bring a blanket and wear it as a poncho thru security!
  • 20:28:13: @espnext_jerry i hate VDay, but i'll survive
  • 20:28:55: I despise Valentine's Day. the movie & the holiday. In the words of Queen: "find me somebody to love"
  • 20:36:56: Dear universe, please let Bobby Brown & K-Fed talk on Celebrity Fit Club about the travesty that is Britney's remake of "My Prerogative"
  • 21:32:19: any questions? ask me just about anything for the next hour or so. I'm bored & trying to be in a better mood.
  • 21:41:44: @Wolffem sporadically
  • 21:43:03: @THE_REAL_FAN nice! i'll retweet for you.
  • 21:43:06: RT @THE_REAL_FAN: @AmyHarber Check out my video for WHO DAT?
  • 21:43:36: @NYCRedhead you get complimentary coffee on the least for now. 6 months from now, they might start charging though.
  • 22:00:52: @Wolffem yeah don't take it personally either if i curse all couples from now until sunday. i'm VERY, EXTREMELY anti-Vday.
  • 22:09:28: RT @jamesbaltazar: A Very Revealing Chart
  • 22:23:05: I think i'm the only one at my gym NOT to have a missed connection on Craigslist. WTF!
  • 22:27:44: @Wolffem tell that to the damn advertisers who are shoving it down my throat. haha.
  • 22:40:11: @SaraJBenincasa like i didn't want to already puke at the thought of Valentine's Day movie.
  • 23:21:11: @snowwhiteonacid i might have thurs off if i don't have a date. oh who the hell am i fooling...i'm sure i'll be free.
  • 23:22:00: cleaning up my blog, considering turning it into a book. deleting all the damn early quizes, broken links, etc.
  • 23:52:10: maybe I am depressed. isn't 1 sign losing interest in stuff you like? I had no desire to watch any of my fave shows the past couple days.

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