Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

a lesson for anyone trying the "model" diet.

So, I've been doing my recessionista diet....aka the model diet, since i would pull this diet even when i had money but just wanted to be skinny. It's pretty much like 1 PB&J sammie a day, some frozen veggies or a baked potato, an apple, oatmeal packets. Basically, not a lot of food because I don't have that much here at moment. That's what happens when you only get like 1 shift a week and there are no auditions or bookings while you're a month behind on your phone & cable & you still owe your dentist from like 3 months ago....oh, and the credit card bill is due on thurs. Relax....the situation is solved now that I made like $250 at work on Friday and got paid $300 for this infomercial. The fun exciting life of a starving artist. :)

Anyway, since I made a bit of cash tonight, I splurged for chicken enchiladas at the bar/restaurant I was watching the Super Bowl. Yeah....I should know better. You can't go from like 1,000 calories a day to like 1,000 calories in one meal. You also can't go from pretty boring, bland stuff to en fuego spicy either. My stomach hurts so bad now.

I better not regain the 5 lbs that I lost doing the recessionista/model diet either. Dammit, I want to be a size 2.
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