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From Twitter 02-06-2010

  • 01:38:21: Instead of relating to your friends in the same way you have d... More for Leo
  • 02:24:48: Wow!!! I actually made money tonight.
  • 03:07:53: Just for the record, $10 IS NOT a good tip on $100
  • 03:44:30: @chezjacque 2008 was the year i learned that. Now i'm ready to try again.
  • 04:19:06: bed, 8am call time. life is going to SUCK tomorrow! they better have red bull at craft services.
  • 04:21:16: FINALLY was able to send the message to someone that I've been trying to send for TWO DAYS on Facebook.
  • 04:58:57: @jfavreau I worked late. Now I'm going to get a quick nap
  • 04:59:39: @jfavreau worst part about this is that it was an apology i should've made like 14 years ago
  • 09:02:34: @SaraJBenincasa that's a scary thought. You know that ish is like two finely tenderized meat flaps blowing in the wind
  • 09:04:00: Yes I'm up again already. Infomercial filming
  • 09:04:59: @transmothra why u gotta hate on my peeps?!? :p
  • 14:58:36: It's early, I get it, but it's not a permission slip to be a bitch
  • 21:16:01: @stevenbward meanwhile...should i be worried bout being single forever at 36? Its worrying me greatly
  • 21:17:29: RT @SarahKSilverman: My dog's breath smells like all the farts in the world passed through my grandpa's teeth. True story.
  • 21:46:52: @stevenbward Oh I've done that. I still can't even get to a first date with guys. I'm thinking I might have to leave L.A. to find someone
  • 23:04:47: i'm going to lose my shit if facebook doesn't let me upload my video...i have good hair!

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