Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I knew I should've gotten a live chicken

maybe a virgin, a small child, a goat...something to sacrifice. Obviously, the universe is way pissed off at me for something....or probably just the same something it's been pissed at me for going on over a decade now.

Besides the fact I haven't had an audition in so long (like a month) that I probably have forgotten what to do at one, my dad's health issues, the fact my car is still making some weird squealing noise that isn't the brakes (it only happens when I first start the car) & the fact my "job" kinda bites money-wise, I went out and found a way to shatter the screen on my Iphone today.

This is what happens when you use your Iphone as an Ipod, put it in a neoprene armsleeve that is MADE for your Iphone and then you go to run sprint intervals outside. it slipped out of the sleeve and smack face first on the sidewalk....because that is my luck!

I am starting to wonder if I'm Lindsay Lohan in "Just My Luck" only instead of kissing Chris Pine, I kissed the 99-cent store version of Spencer Pratt and I'm pretty sure that I'd rather masturbate with razor blades than even see, let alone, kiss his pathetic face again to get my luck back.

Does anyone have the number for a good witch doctor? Oh wait, I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow to get the phone fixed....maybe I can find a virgin there.
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