Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 02-04-2010

  • 00:40:26: it's kinda sad that some people are obsessed with me in a rather unhealthy way after like over 5 years of me last interacting w/ them
  • 01:16:04: My v-day plans: f-ing Matt Damon on my couch...which means I'll really just be touching myself while watching The Bourne Trilogy.
  • 01:16:33: You may be resigned to do whatever you must, but it's tough wh... More for Leo
  • 01:41:08: @elizabeth_ann me
  • 01:56:40: I blackmail my former classmates & exes into donating for
  • 02:45:53: @snowwhiteonacid all of them...go watch the video.
  • 02:58:15: @snowwhiteonacid idiots on a message board I used 2 frequent. Like that ish doesn't get back to me eventually. hope they liked me on 1000WTD
  • 04:42:25: hell yes! mission accomplished! 400 followers BEFORE spring training...well unless a couple are spammers and get knocked off. welcome!!!
  • 13:10:28: @halperry I got converted when I was in Cleveland last summer. Still like Mavs in the west though. Cuban still best owner in all of sports.
  • 13:12:44: @LemonLimeAgency facebook link count?
  • 13:14:05: @NickSwisher coffee for breakfast and lunch...i'm a starving artist at the moment.
  • 13:47:05: Really gotta start working on my website.
  • 15:09:44: i can't believe this crap...just shattered the screen on my Iphone. $200 to fix. If I didn't have bad luck, i would have no luck.
  • 16:42:16: I am Lindsay lohan in just my luck only I gave my luck to a douche I refuse to kiss to get it back
  • 16:53:32: @TalentAgentLA calls his ass 4 it. Srry 4 weird typing. Shattered screen can't replace til 2mrw can't access the missing letter
  • 22:48:44: Dickheads crossing
  • 22:50:55: I checked in at Beauty Bar (1638 N Cahuenga Blvd) on #Yelp

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