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From Twitter 02-03-2010

  • 02:40:13: @SaraJBenincasa you up? sending you something on facebook, too big for twitter.
  • 03:58:24: twitter, you are being boring tonight
  • 13:07:39: @robdeatonphoto Los Angeles?!?
  • 13:08:40: @castrovince of course it's unlikely! cheapest owner in the world! Dolan makes Rachael Phelps from Major League look like Mark Cuban!
  • 13:10:12: @SaraJBenincasa Take your ish to the Univ of Findlay in Findlay, OH. Make my Oilers laugh.
  • 13:36:19: @rtoro20 I'd have to have at least a few more zeros behind that number. nah...i wouldn't sell my followers for anything. love them.
  • 14:08:43: @NickSwisher good, getting ready to hit the gym. how are you fellow Buckeye?
  • 14:15:59: Yep....i'm getting a serious lesson in karma.
  • 15:21:01: Gym time. Train like an athlete. Like @OGOchocinco & @gradysize24
  • 17:32:54: seriously, iphone? now you're not going to let me talk with my earbuds in?!?! FML. I can't win! I get 1 thing to go right, 2 more go wrong.
  • 19:44:01: @AgassiAndre haha, i just posted that ad on my fbook a few days ago & how I was raised on rock n roll tennis.
  • 21:04:07: Just saw a clothing store called anat b, but the font on their sign made it look like Anal B
  • 21:19:25: at the apple store on one of their computers, please Iphone don't be sick. mama is ramen-ass broke
  • 21:20:27: @TMadCLE should we record a parody of NKOTB "please don't go girl" & call it "please don't go james"?
  • 21:54:45: Yes!! Headphones replaced for free!!
  • 22:18:05: OMG! 2 more followers and I hit my goal of 400 by spring training.
  • 22:19:23: @TMadCLE did you see singer in my bio? and even if so, don't think i could hit the high notes.
  • 22:25:05: @SaraJBenincasa i bet my friend @jamesbaltazar who lives there would go see ya if I told him.
  • 22:26:00: @TMadCLE maybe just a chorus & i'll vlog it. I'll have to reacquaint myself with the song. Yes, i have nkotb on my ipod
  • 22:34:03: @TMadCLE that's cuz you are not old like me. New Kids on The Block....research it.
  • 22:45:24: from the FML files: I have to do laundry. otherwise, I have no socks & I'm too broke to just buy more.

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