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From Twitter 02-02-2010

  • 00:05:50: RT @steviecarlson: Been quiet, Been busy. Pretty depressed about my guitar being stolen. Taylor T5 Koa, Serial number: 20051017533. I'm ...
  • 00:17:42: nieder just rolled over and fell off his pillow perch & now he's looking at me like I had something to do with it.
  • 00:24:40: my sister FUCKING ROCKS....ordered me a pizza online from Ohio...should be here any minute!
  • 00:47:06: @TMadCLE nope...ordered it online via a store here and it just got delivered.
  • 01:01:01: uploading cds to itunes...this means cd for @sarajbenincasa soon
  • 01:15:19: If someone owes you money, you could get the runaround today a... More for Leo
  • 01:40:58: @SaraJBenincasa i'll bug with ya. i read that ish every month
  • 02:29:10: @SaraJBenincasa you know, you might end up with 2 or 3 cds, I can't decide & my musical tastes are SOOOO varied.
  • 02:54:31: I'm totes addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race. "you better work!"
  • 03:40:42: @sarajbenincasa you have inspired me, the Phil Collins greatest hits is going on the ipod!
  • 05:09:35: yes, i'm STILL up because I'm updating the ipod.
  • 05:22:38: RuPaul looks strange as all hell out of drag with a mustache
  • 05:30:36: @bensbrain7 what's up with this, brain?
  • 05:54:36: i can finally go to bed, bad naughty iphone too FOREVER to sync
  • 06:11:23: @julzharlz well now I'm in bed, just can't sleep. That is for another tweet
  • 06:13:54: can't sleep, can't stop thinking about certain boy I messed up. J, there HAS to be a reason my mind keeps drifting to u lately these days
  • 14:22:57: @DanielBedingfld What are you doing on my turf filming your vlogs? haha, nice!
  • 14:25:27: hell yes!!! Oscar nod for both Matt Damon (yum) & Morgan Freeman for Invictus. GREAT MOVIE!!!
  • 14:31:47: Ryan Reynolds might make it into the celebrity 5 this year especially considering he takes his shirt off a lot.
  • 14:39:49: FUCK!!!! Tried to get car registration renewed and have to get a smog check that I CAN'T afford
  • 14:55:34: @ButterflyMomE yeah i did.
  • 14:55:49: @ricom15 it's a beach in Miami. just the name of a beach
  • 15:21:17: @ZuzannaWanda taking a vacay like Gossip Girl?
  • 16:53:45: @OGOchoCinco going to work riding good news regarding my dad's surgery. He's a fan of yours
  • 16:55:55: Just got almost the best possible news about my dad. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS & SUPPORT!!!! I love u all.
  • 23:10:31: time to down copious amounts of calories in the form of beer & pizza while watching The Biggest Loser. beer to numb "thinking of a boy" pain

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