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From Twitter 02-01-2010

  • 00:01:03: WTF are my upstairs neighbors doing?!?! having a WWE orgy while moving furniture, i just thought the ceiling was going to come down on me
  • 00:03:36: @LasVegasAngel working thur night, don't know about the rest, schedule probably out tue or wed.
  • 00:24:39: Usually tats are a dealbreaker for me (just like my men clean cut), but I'd break the rule for Eminem. damn!!!
  • 00:53:32: If you want to have a SPECTACULAR Grammy performance, just add Elton John or Prince....end of story.
  • 00:55:07: @ladygaga SPEECHLESS is, best performance of the night. much respect for you cuz you don't lip synch like so many others do.
  • 01:07:30: @Rhiannon2408 say hi to my friend @jamesbaltazar. he lives in MNPLS
  • 01:17:30: Your strategy at work today will determine how much you actual... More for Leo
  • 01:59:43: watching Tough Love wish I could have a boot camp like this to know what my damn problems with guys are. no bf since 2001 :(
  • 02:50:08: well i have tomorrow night and wed night open and where do you go if you're broke! i have to pay car registration!
  • 03:07:15: @snowwhiteonacid wait, they forgot me on that list. haha....and brooke's political liveblogs!
  • 03:41:06: okay, going to lesson in the morning
  • 11:16:00: Tennis lesson time!!'
  • 11:47:15: @adidasUS I got my eyes on a really cool orange/white pair. Love that u have bright colors
  • 11:49:18: @DanielBedingfld gotta agree with emmy, Madonna has made a career of using even bad press to her advantage
  • 11:50:52: RT @HarloweBlonde Greek restaurant burned down in Chicagos Greektown. Must be time to remodel. *DOH!!*
  • 13:02:47: Awesome lesson. I'm not as bad as I thought. I'd rate myself as sophomore year hs
  • 13:03:32: @NickSwisher lady gaga
  • 13:59:33: @stevenbward any plans for Los Angeles events?
  • 14:00:33: @RobinLemLime I am totally up for a great week. Now just need the phone to ring
  • 14:01:47: Now it's time for the gym. Maybe my slogan should be gym, tennis, shower instead of gym, glam, laundry haha
  • 14:02:05: Oh yeah still need a new roomie in Los Angeles
  • 16:08:00: @OGOchoCinco I ask the same question. No bf since 2001
  • 16:53:39: Time for RuPaul's Drag Race marathon.
  • 16:57:39: @espnext_jerry i'm like Michigan football when it comes to guys....i look better on paper, i guess.
  • 17:40:27: shower time.... 3 hr workout today. i reek!
  • 20:43:20: oops...nap won.
  • 20:44:34: @bensbrain7 can't go wrong with Hysteria brain....after all, there are 18 million copies floating about.
  • 21:15:29: Cuteness, that is all!
  • 21:27:32: I'm beyond broke yet i'm tempted to go to Menchie's for yogurt.
  • 22:13:06: @SaraJBenincasa hey S, if you got any pals looking to move to L.A., I got a room in my place avail on Mar in a great area!
  • 22:25:58: @wrongheaven do you know what you get when you cross a wolverine w/ a groundhog? 6 more weeks of bad football.
  • 23:12:34: It's okay to eat frozen yogurt for dinner every once in a while...right?
  • 23:42:57: homeboy from Chuck keeps getting sexier every episode.
  • 23:43:33: And btw, if you like Chuck, help me help Adam Baldwin's cause & sponsor me for

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