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From Twitter 01-31-2010

  • 00:16:51: read it here now: Tebow will be a bust in the NFL & I wouldn't be surpised if Tampa or Jacksonville took him just to put asses in the seats.
  • 00:31:08: @michaeldempster wow dempster, you're up late tonight.
  • 00:33:37: That's the hole in my thumb. Yay, blisters!
  • 01:01:37: @michaeldempster well if you have any probs falling asleep, Federer is playing tennis in 30min though Murray might keep you awake.
  • 01:17:23: It's difficult for you to reconcile your current feelings with... More for Leo
  • 01:20:48: time to brew some coffee and watch tennis. yes, coffee at 12:30am
  • 01:21:12: @stevenbward is it open yet? they've been building it forever
  • 01:36:29: @garretjiroux the same can be said for good guys in LA. I'm good & skinny...maybe I should get a job at Cinnabon! haha.
  • 01:36:40: @snowwhiteonacid he figured it out.
  • 01:38:19: from the cup o joe in c'bus recipe book: coffee + hot choc = el diablo!
  • 02:02:32: maybe the true genius of Federer is how he's won so many damn Grand Slams with as much as he runs around his weak ass backhand.
  • 02:41:29: UGH!'s just so boring. how can people really like him? he could even put the country club set to sleep.
  • 03:32:50: hahaha! the aussie open featuring longest droughts in sports....they just showed every Cleveland team! My poor Indians and Cavs :(
  • 04:24:30: ugh, Federer is uneventful and boring. seriously!? you just won your 16th slam at THAT is all the emotion you show? you suck.
  • 04:41:50: @andy_murray great fight & at least you have personality & charisma when you play.
  • 05:04:26: Hit the ball as loud as you can...& chili peppers BEFORE they were completely mainstream:
  • 05:04:53: @SaraJBenincasa if you get caught between the moon and New York Ciiiiity!!! I know it's crazy, but it's true.
  • 05:31:36: had the coolest & cheapest tennis skirts in hs & college cuz I'd go to the lgirls clothing section & get elastic waist skirts in L or XL.
  • 05:32:22: okay, up way too late. too much tennis talk...bedtime for me.
  • 13:32:11: @GeneFallaize there's no rain here today
  • 14:10:22: Photo shoot now gym
  • 14:54:33: Would like to thank @danielbedingfld for getting me thru my work out with his tunes
  • 15:43:27: workout done...wish i had time to play tennis today. I have a taste for blood...or just pounding the crap out of a ball.
  • 16:04:53: RT @jamesbaltazar: 10 Ways to Avoid Hipster Baby Names - The Daily Beast
  • 16:08:32: i call my bedroom "Xanadu" because it's a place where dreams come true. haha.
  • 17:17:25: Off to work, this should be interesting considering I work next to where the #Grammys are
  • 17:33:02: At work early, so much for the "expect to be stopped entering for security reasons" there's more security at my local Target
  • 20:19:58: Really need to reprogram my iPod again. The gangster rap is getting old.
  • 20:21:19: @stevenbward will there be another straight up tough love? I REALLY need the help
  • 21:23:30: @SaraJBenincasa we've been doing takeout orders for all the Grammys "help" all week at my work
  • 21:38:27: @SaraJBenincasa here's a tip....go to springfield, OH in the summer...John Legend has been known to hit his hometown's arts festival.
  • 21:39:16: i just want to point out that Taylor Swift's nerd vs cheerleader song is a blatant rip off of Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door"
  • 21:57:41: @Dav3Ston3 yes Dave is & u can sometimes catch him at Ha-Ha Pizza or Young's Dairy.
  • 22:03:39: @Dav3Ston3 at Ha-Ha's, they supposedly used to put special shrooms on the mushroom pizza...dude, your parents were trippin! haha.
  • 22:24:59: robots have taken over Jamie Foxx & co.
  • 22:51:47: Do you think Stevie Nicks has like a whole closet of the same black dress? that's all she ever wears.
  • 22:54:33: I have no 3-d glasses. plain ol michael jackson tribute for me.
  • 23:02:37: Prince Jackson is so well-spoken and is an EXTREMELY polite child. I know because I waited on him once. Michaeal would be proud.
  • 23:12:39: RT @LasVegasAngel: Don't forget: the Grammys also awarded Milli Vanilli.
  • 23:26:16: Wyclef is a sexy ass man when he speaks Creole.
  • 23:28:58: Rhianna wishes she could even be a fraction as bad ass as Miss Mary J. Blige.
  • 23:33:31: @TMadCLE if you tweet too much, what's that say about me?
  • 23:38:23: @TMadCLE but at least i'm funny or add interesting commentary. it's not like "hey, just made a pb&j sammie, then dropped a duece"
  • 23:41:17: @TMadCLE just wait til baseball season starts. u'll get "chugging 3 beers in the 6th so i can be passed out by the end of this debacle" haha
  • 23:47:09: Ricky Martin....WHY ARE YOU GAY!??!?! God, it's worse than George Michael!!!
  • 23:54:49: @TMadCLE hopefully, we don't see TOO MANY of those tweets by me.

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