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From Twitter 01-30-2010

  • 00:53:11: RT @ephanypdx: Yes, EXACTLY! RT @turoczy: RT @christianreed: I just unlocked the "Nobody gives a shit where I am" badge on @foursquare!
  • 00:54:05: @jamesbaltazar duh, i've been saying that for a week now about tebow's mother.
  • 00:54:56: been saying this for a week: ad may be based on falsehood,
  • 01:00:49: icing my knees while watching baseball tonight before aussie open final
  • 01:06:16: over 100 free agents still in the market and the Cleveland Indians haven't done dick. I hate you, Larry Dolan.
  • 01:14:55: @HarloweBlonde i told everyone you said hi!
  • 01:16:25: You may be a bit much for others to handle because today's Ful... More for Leo
  • 02:13:42: I've noticed that Serena Williams hits w/ the ball behind her a lot.
  • 02:20:04: @snowwhiteonacid Venus is out, but no she didn't get a better outfit. this is the finale Serena vs Justine Henin
  • 02:21:22: got a HUGE blister on my thumb from the new grip i put on my racket today & playing for 3 hrs today. the blister just popped OUCH!!! #tennis
  • 02:27:31: wow, Henin either has shit eyes or she went to a shoddy surgeon for her Lasik. they said she has to still wear a contact in 1 eye sometimes
  • 03:16:06: @adean3 Serena has the prettier face, Venus has the better body.
  • 03:17:22: is it really wise to have the Winter X Games just weeks before the Olympics?
  • 03:19:33: Serena went to the bathroom w/ a bag, we all know what that means, ladies.....wonder if that's part of her tampon endorsement deal.
  • 03:48:38: Serena is gonna stuff the ball down Henin's "effin throat"
  • 04:26:44: @adidasUS thank god that you make bright, exciting women's tennis shoes. thinking of making the switch from Nike, if my narrow feet likey.
  • 04:39:33: omg, the pain of this blister is killing me.
  • 04:53:32: ok, going to bed. volunteering with @WriteGirlLA tomorrow & then work. i really need to blog more
  • 04:54:04: RT @ArualB: Serena Williams is not Serena Van Der Woodsen. Williams plays with tennis and Van Der Woodsen plays with Nate's feeling.
  • 14:42:03: @NickSwisher I am volunteering today
  • 14:44:47: So overslept today. Volunteering @writegirlla, then work
  • 14:57:54: @rtoro20 volunteering. I just tweeted what I was doing like 5 mins ago
  • 16:55:51: @ButterflyMomE oh god what now?
  • 18:13:56: @AgassiAndre if so, I'm so trying it.
  • 18:18:43: @AgassiAndre the guys on the public courts where I've started playing call me old school cuz I play w/ ur Head yellow/black Radicals
  • 22:44:43: Thanx ruining snl for me all you east coast mofos!!!! Jk...I'll be watching tennis tonight federer vs @Andy_Murray
  • 22:45:31: And I'm tempted to take the union Jack off the back of my bedroom door & wear it!
  • 22:48:17: @ButterflyMomE if u haven't kicked him out, filed for divorce yet I believe that's grounds for infedelity...nail his ass!
  • 22:49:53: @bensbrain7 sorry brain, maybe next year....nah next year is miami's year. Do u miss Ohio? I do
  • 23:01:09: @ButterflyMomE well hopefully u can use the fact he is scum to get alimony or child support

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