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From Twitter 01-29-2010

  • 00:01:02: Oh dear god....Project Runway drizzama.
  • 01:19:00: You may not be very happy as warrior Mars in your sign faces o... More for Leo
  • 02:11:55: somehow, i don't think i'll be up until 4am watching tennis tonight. Ugh, I HATE Federer. He's so bland he's almost Pete Sampras.
  • 03:20:09: @andy_murray Good luck on Sunday!!
  • 03:44:13: they're showing re-air of Serena Williams' semifinal match, I'm laughing cuz they're calling a 2-hr match long. Child please!
  • 04:43:14: 1. how the hell did it get this late? 2. damn, Joel McHale has a fine ass body w/ that shirt off. 3. i should go to bed.
  • 04:47:56: @fallenwiccan maybe. what's her name? I'm not going to lie, I'd let Andy Murry step to this & put it on me.
  • 05:10:21: bedtime. tennis with Kelly in the late AM.
  • 05:12:29: This is all the adorableness u need in life
  • 05:33:05: @SaraJBenincasa just watch roger federer play tennis. He boring and mechanical enough to usually put me to sleep
  • 13:13:58: @fallenwiccan haven't heard of her.
  • 13:16:01: @estepmike ditch cincy, come here. i still need a roomie march 1
  • 13:17:53: @FitnessMagazine #iheartmy competitive spirit because it keeps me going especially during killer spin classes
  • 13:19:00: if the Pasadena Playhouse trained so many actors, maybe these big money actors should help save it. just saying. don't forget your roots.
  • 13:20:12: @RobinLemLime I would love to close this week with some bookings. I don't know why it's so slow for me.
  • 13:29:22: @fallenwiccan ah, okay. they don't really covered the juniors on tv here.
  • 13:36:32: @bensbrain7 hate to break this to you baby....but you're watching on the sidelines. maybe go home to Findlay & help the college team
  • 13:38:52: @TennisExpress, @RSBS, & @head_tennis thanx for the #FF love!!!
  • 13:54:41: @estepmike why can't you bring the dog? does she hate cats?
  • 14:02:10: RT @RSBS: #FF @Dathan7 @cobf @AmyHarber @MLBComplete @jabbered @dwatsonexodus @Baseballisms @missapples22 @pickedoffat1st @mspersons @dr ...
  • 14:02:14: RT @TennisExpress: #FF to great tennis fans! @Shirley_Facello @AndrewGonzaga @AmyHarber @sidesey @irishace @Bud3801 @tennisbuddys @Gabyb ...
  • 14:02:16: RT @head_tennis: #FF to great tennis fans! @Shirley_Facello @AndrewGonzaga @AmyHarber @sidesey @irishace @Bud3801 @tennisbuddys @Gabybe ...
  • 14:17:45: @SELFmagazine The Bourne Trilogy....since I have no valentine, I just pretend Matt Damon/Jason Bourne is my knight in shining armor.
  • 14:20:53: @elizabeth_ann get out of the car and forget the drive. today is not your day behind the wheel
  • 14:23:05: where oh where have my auditions gone. oh where oh where could they be?! seriously!
  • 14:40:43: oh it is sooooo tempting to look into moving back to C'bus.
  • 16:59:19: I just LOVE when 2 people decide to double up in the hitting wall. You have a partner get a freaking court!!!!
  • 19:46:45: @SaraJBenincasa heard your re-air just now about celeb 5, um check your direct msgs in like 30 seconds for a question.
  • 19:48:21: just got home from playing tennis. Got invited into a playing group while hitting against the wall. they now want me to come all the time.
  • 19:49:57: good question to @sarajbenincasa from @stefamafone. that being said, I've made some vids...hey sara, think I should try?
  • 19:56:35: @head_tennis actually played against people 2day, tested some1's racket too. Radical still good, heavy compared 2 new stuff. Recommendation?
  • 20:05:14: @SaraJBenincasa okay, religion question. thoughts on The Secret?
  • 20:14:31: @SaraJBenincasa i've dabbled with it. I have my vision board, but struggle with wondering how i willed all the bad events of the past year
  • 20:15:09: @SaraJBenincasa and seriously, how can 1 person will so much bad luck in love? I mean, come on! how did i will 99-cent store spencer pratt?
  • 20:24:20: @SaraJBenincasa like i said...i'm a spiritual dabbler.
  • 20:25:29: sometimes I wonder if i'm bipolar in addition to ADD. had damn crying breakdown on phone w/ mom earlier, now feel like queen of the world.
  • 20:38:28: @HarloweBlonde well i did just go off the pill in Dec.
  • 21:40:30: Seeing hopdown bilby band at rusty's surf ranch on the Santa Monica pier
  • 21:47:18: The bridge to the Santa monica pier was not made for peeps afraid of heights/falling. Rail comes below my hips
  • 22:03:46: Country music...the music of pain.
  • 22:09:19: @ogochocinco hey! Just saw you on sportscenter kicking away & taking that mic from that dude
  • 22:17:46: What posseses a person to make them do backflips on a snowmobile!?!? Psychosis or just #xgames?
  • 22:19:01: I checked in at Rusty's Surf Ranch (256 Santa Monica Pier) on #Yelp
  • 22:22:31: @OGOchoCinco I'm watching a friend's band on Santa Monica pier
  • 22:56:47: Dear guy in bar: cool that u dance w/ ur chick, I really do not need to see u grope her ass though while doing so
  • 23:00:10: Farewell to Marcus. It's his last show.

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