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From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 00:56:07: Train like an athlete,bitches. I'm not at the gym to look pretty. I'm there so I can make a bitch eat an 85-mph serve again
  • 01:00:00: I could seriously do another hour on the elliptical. I think I might have a problem
  • 01:23:24: You are tempted by something or someone today, inspiring you t... More for Leo
  • 01:39:59: @estepmike nothing, just moving in with a boy
  • 01:54:59: @JillianMichaels WOW! I really do NOT like the red team.
  • 02:24:25: @snowwhiteonacid i'm fine...i used to train 4-8hrs a day sometimes.
  • 02:30:06: my arms are going to be soooo sore tomorrow.
  • 03:03:03: @SaraJBenincasa I miss u!!!! (and I still have to work on your cd, sorry, I'm dealing with some family stuff, personal demons, etc)
  • 03:09:48: @Rhiannon2408 i know what you mean
  • 04:34:14: I honestly would kill someone for a pair of '94 Nike Air Flares in a size 7.5 (You know what I'm saying @AndreAgassi?)
  • 05:01:43: yep, i'm going to have to start playing some SERIOUS tennis again.
  • 14:04:11: @NYCRedhead nah, the death is delayed reaction. you feel it later. haha
  • 14:04:29: oh coffee & Chuck, you are my friend
  • 14:12:50: @RSBS only problem is that it WASN'T an option. it was a lie. She was in Phillipines where abortion was illegal even in her case.
  • 14:13:54: @ricom15 yes, getting cheated on sucks
  • 15:03:56: Eff you ABC! How dare you cancel Ugly Betty....and she better end up with Matt!
  • 15:38:00: @NickSwisher i'm going to the gym here in a bit, maybe hit a few tennis balls against a wall.
  • 16:07:06: @CocksWithP probably not. it's cool, but i have a laptop for mobile use.
  • 16:19:24: time to beat a tennis ball against a wall since i have no one to play with.
  • 16:19:35: @rtoro20 if you were in L.A., i'd totes cook
  • 16:32:56: @CocksWithP & @celebtweeting other sports guys on Twitter besides @OGOchoCinco: @nickswisher @gator4god @gradysize24 & @jaycrawfordespn
  • 17:52:56: @rtoro20 u should just take the private jet to my kitchen. LA weTher is nicer
  • 17:57:30: My backhand is back. U should be VERY afraid. Since certain bitches want to live 15 yrs in past, wonder if she'd want to play when I'm home
  • 18:20:26: @RSBS why hello boys! thanx for the follow. sporty spice here...but personally, I think I'm better looking. haha.
  • 18:52:53: @SaraJBenincasa Miss Elizabeth is dead
  • 18:55:05: @jamesbaltazar come get some bitch
  • 19:01:44: @SaraJBenincasa yes, she died of a drug od in 2003 in the home she shared with Lex Luger. she was 42 at the time
  • 19:54:26: Dear Obama since I haven't been able to find a broadcast journalism job since I got degree in 96, can u excuse my loans. Mkay thanx!
  • 20:11:03: The biggest guido ever is right in front of me at the gym and he's English white boy it's sad.
  • 20:29:02: Spin class time. Sponsor me fr & help injured vets
  • 21:46:41: I own this gym, bitches. Train like an athlete
  • 22:08:57: @MyTrainerBob John Taylor is the original recipe JT & yeah, he's awesome. Duranie for life here. I've met all original 5 :)
  • 22:10:06: @jamesbaltazar i didn't watch. i was focused on my ab work. Not there to be pretty & social, there to later destroy someone.
  • 22:48:57: Time to shower....I'm guessing that Henin has finished off this Chinese chick by the time i get out. She's plowing through her.
  • 23:17:13: @NYCRedhead i'm gonna write to Obama & tell him that since i can't find job w/ my degree, my loans should be made to go *poof*
  • 23:48:01: @NYCRedhead if it's only 10% of my income, I'd still be screwed living in LA

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