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From Twitter 01-25-2010

  • 00:13:06: someone please tell me Hot Tub Time Machine isn't a real movie.
  • 00:42:11: Posh, Becks and Geena Davis were at my work today
  • 01:23:45: Your attempts to make headway on a variety of projects may be ... More for Leo
  • 01:29:58: Roger Federer is dull, boring, lacking charisma and fugly as shit!
  • 01:42:56: On the other side of the court, I'd let Lleyton Hewitt totally put it on me as long as he kept his chauvenistic mouth shut.
  • 01:53:36: @AgassiAndre LOVED the book & at times I could relate hating tennis. You're right, we tennis players talk to ourselves. I still do. haha.
  • 02:25:49: @snowwhiteonacid "the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball" - Bull Durham
  • 03:37:33: Someday I want to be in my h.s. & college athletic halls of fame not for myself, but for my parents & the sacrifices they made for my tennis
  • 03:55:52: don't know what's putting me to sleep faster: warm milk in my hot chocolate or Roger Federer's snore of a post-match interview
  • 13:27:05: @julzharlz what? the combination of warm milk in hot choc & a Federer interview to fall asleep?
  • 13:29:52: @estepmike well Howard does have a PPV tv show, I believe
  • 13:32:22: @NickSwisher getting ready to work out myself.
  • 14:22:00: So far no one has sponsored me for Ride 2 Recovery. If none by Feb 1, I'm just doing to have to drop out :( at least I tried.
  • 14:42:29: @jamesbaltazar dude all the info is at I've posted the link several times here and facebook
  • 15:05:35: @jamesbaltazar well the link is sent
  • 15:25:04: @SaraJBenincasa ewwwww dirty sanchez
  • 15:31:21: @marieclaire That overweight girl article sends the WRONG message that it's okay to be obese when it's really unhealthy.
  • 15:32:12: @marieclaire that girl seems to think she should do NOTHING about her situation other than be "fat girl in a skinny world"
  • 15:33:17: time to get to the gym
  • 16:40:09: Gymorexia time
  • 17:41:35: @mcuban know u have fallen patriot fund, but can I get a $5 sponsorship for for injured vets?
  • 17:57:43: @thegregjohnson I'm gonna call u to talk about my girly time! Haha
  • 17:58:58: Hey peeps, monstro flora is playing The Roxy feb 12. They rock so u should go.
  • 18:21:37: @estepmike do it! help it knock out titanic!
  • 18:39:59: @tericee you know a lot of military peeps right? see if any would like to sponsor me for to help injured vets. thanx!
  • 19:18:30: Time to shower, get ready for audition, maybe @souplantation & seeing The Slammin Salmon with my friend Marc @ Bev Center.
  • 20:39:33: @tericee click "sponsor rider" Amy Harber if email needed thanx
  • 20:40:47: @TMadCLE you'd be jealous. U are freezing. I had my sunroof open today
  • 20:46:13: If u are at an audition, STOP talking loudly on your phone about your insignificant extra work so others can focus on their sides! Thank u
  • 20:47:37: Also, if ur a grown ass woman you should not have a mom-ager. Get a REAL manager & agent!
  • 20:57:08: Oh yeah mom-ager is also mom-actor herself...lovely. Gets even better. & she's dressed younger than 20something daughter. Priceless!
  • 20:57:28: @TMadCLE spring training!!!!
  • 21:57:05: Think I might have to change dating profile to "must love @souplatation as much as I do" haha

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