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From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 01:24:29: You are feeling more secure about your relationships today, ev... More for Leo
  • 04:28:08: @HollyRockIt yeah, no kidding! Not funny twitter pranksters. Do that shit with worthless hacks like Miley Cyrus & Paris Hilton!
  • 04:57:47: @NYCRedhead man, all the songs I would have the boys in the dorm by the courts play for me. 140 char not enough. Must blog later
  • 04:59:33: Time to sleep. Don't forget to sponsor me even if just a $1. If every follower gives $1 i'll more than make my goal
  • 11:29:13: I hate mornings. I hate them more when I have to work
  • 11:42:44: @DanielBedingfld just thought u should know, 1 of ur songs came on my shuffle at end of 3hr workout & got me thru it. Thanx!
  • 11:43:09: Excuse me while I commit carbicide this morning
  • 13:08:37: Does Rex Ryan eat a player after every loss?
  • 13:09:50: Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Yeah....another shitty movie!
  • 20:22:37: @jaycrawfordespn please...i will bet dollars to donuts he tries to play again next year!
  • 20:22:43: Reggie Bush is SOOOOOOOOOOO getting laid by a Kardashian tonight.
  • 20:32:04: @OGOchoCinco oh so funny. hey, can you sponsor me for like $10?
  • 20:33:30: @TMadCLE That line needs a Tribe shirt (I'd be willing to model it!)
  • 20:36:41: truly great to see the Superdome, site of such sorrow turned into a site of joy, happiness & uplifting spirit. hope the Saints win for N.O.
  • 20:38:24: @jaycrawfordespn Wait, the Phins have been to a Super Bowl!?!? Oh yeah, that's right, I was like 10 & they lost. Last SB win? before birth.
  • 20:41:23: @TMadCLE 3 weeks until pitchers and catchers report....I need this ish to wear to spring training!
  • 20:41:42: @TMadCLE Tribe season ticket, marry me?
  • 20:42:29: Who dropped the ball more in New Orleans? FEMA or the Vikings?
  • 20:43:11: @jaycrawfordespn best news all day. I'm thinking of going to spring training, but towards late march.
  • 20:46:35: @jaycrawfordespn sleep on that. haha.
  • 20:55:44: @TMadCLE ooh 1948 would work. saw the 64 (my fball loyalty is with Phins tho). Maybe something about our cheap owner.
  • 21:23:47: if mofos don't stop stealing my sunday paper, i'm gonna kill someone.
  • 21:42:56: watching Tough Love finale. I so need to be on this show.
  • 22:07:14: @julzharlz well thankfully no one can get to my mailbox because it has a lock on it.
  • 22:44:38: @ephanypdx yeah, they skate pairs.
  • 23:35:21: @ephanypdx Ekaterina Goreeva was married to one.
  • 23:49:02: Just watched Bruce Almighty for the first time. Jim Carrey is always hilarious.

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