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From Twitter 01-23-2010

  • 00:40:53: little does conan know that his set was already ON a native american burial ground....or so is the rumor.
  • 00:47:45: @bensbrain7 brain....are you sleeping?
  • 01:01:36: YES! Tom Hanks shows up with a drink in hand. So many people forget that he started as a comedic actor
  • 01:18:55: Neil Young on The Tonight Show sounds like the pervy old neighbor from Family Guy.
  • 01:24:10: You could work yourself into a corner today because you know h... More for Leo
  • 01:50:36: Does anyone find it eerie that Conan's last Tonight Show is on the anniv of Johnny Carson's death?
  • 02:25:19: If Westbrook and Carmona return to form....maybe next season won't be so bad after all.
  • 03:03:39: YES!!! Hidden stash of Buckeyes candies in the freezer!
  • 04:22:11: time for bed. at times, I'm fascinated by cats & things they do. treating ordinary items as prey, hiding places, perches, etc.
  • 04:23:31: And JUST as I typed that, my cat comes HAULING out of the kitchen with a piece of lettuce in his mouth (must have dropped on floor earlier)
  • 14:31:04: @MyTrainerBob bring them to @24hourfitness in Hollywood!
  • 14:31:24: @LilMissEmmylou Olay!
  • 14:32:16: @HarloweBlonde he's some dumb 15 year old "pop" star.
  • 14:33:38: @tericee textual harrassment is what I do to several Indians baseball players throughout the season. usually anger & disappointment though
  • 14:40:02: @thegregjohnson I think the hard part is the fact that it's Johnny Carson's legacy.
  • 14:41:56: @rtoro20 drinking some coffee, going to gym in a bit, the sun returned to Los Angeles today!
  • 16:08:38: my dad is still in the hospital & still won't talk to me, but he's well enough to joke w/ the nurses. lovely. So much for no father issues.
  • 16:14:37: time to go to the gym & stay until i'm not angry, frustrated, whatever anymore.
  • 17:09:51: @_marramarie_ no idea
  • 17:11:33: Titanic is on tv at gym. God, freeze to death already & go away.
  • 17:48:55: Whoever dressed Bwtty White for the sag awards should be arrested for elder abuse
  • 18:13:12: Same shit different awards show. Ugh 30 Rock
  • 19:20:58: @rtoro20 invictus
  • 19:23:11: Girl on treadmill next to me has pit hair so long she could style the shit. NASTY! no, it's not Mo'nique
  • 19:33:33: @rtoro20 oops forgot ur in bfe where those type films only stick around for like a week
  • 19:35:20: On the plus side, the 2 guys on the stairmasters in front of me have asses like u wouldn't believe. 10 more mis on treadmill for me plz :)
  • 20:25:04: so what if i just spent over 3 hrs at the gym. Train like an athlete, just ask @OGOchoCinco or @gradysize24.
  • 20:27:16: @NickSwisher Here's one for ya to forget the weather in L.A...... O-H....
  • 20:32:12: Oh snap.....dirty rumor is that Brad Pitt will soon be a free man again, ladies. I only want him if he's Interview w/ the Vampire pretty.
  • 21:01:09: Sponsor me for Ride 2 Recovery Feb 27 (if only $5): (Amy Harber) and please retweet!
  • 22:19:03: Going to comedy show at citywalk. My first time there since I was screwed out of my job at hard rock cafe. Hope I don't have a panic attack

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