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From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 00:09:22: I did like 3 hrs at the, i don't have a problem.
  • 00:50:10: yes!!! Pee Wee Herman on Conan.
  • 01:07:13: Robin Williams is off the chain on Conan
  • 02:28:24: thank heavens we have actual ICONS as celeb judges on this season of Project Runway.
  • 04:34:39: off to bed for me. i feel stuck in a holding pattern. don't like my job. not enough QUALITY auditions. chaos in my family. UGH!
  • 13:20:08: @jaycrawfordespn Thanx J. I'm trying. I don't think the weather here in L.A. is helping either, though it's great for sleeping.
  • 13:20:48: @Rhiannon2408's the King's Kingdom. Kobe just plays in it.
  • 13:21:21: @SaraJBenincasa have a safe trip.
  • 13:22:07: @ricom15 convince people to follow me & others, do a load of laundry, go to work.
  • 13:22:52: @SaraJBenincasa your pillow is cute, but it's like a sweet bear trying to strangle you
  • 13:24:11: @SaraJBenincasa I liked some italian restaurant, but i forgot the name or where it's at, sadly.
  • 13:26:42: RT @castrovince: New Tribe 3B coach Steve Smith to appear on the upcoming season of "The Amazing Race" on CBS:
  • 13:28:03: @castrovince Will he be traded halfway through the season for a younger competitor who MIGHT be able to win the race 3 years from now?
  • 13:32:32: RT @thegregjohnson: Howard warns #Conan about #Leno, predicting the future (2006) - #letsbehonest
  • 13:35:32: @cfcomedy at least you didn't get fired because a bitch complained over fake shit when she was really mad her bf flirted with you.
  • 13:36:04: @cfcomedy not me, btw
  • 13:40:13: @SaraJBenincasa guy asked me out, but he reminds me of a friend who is like a brother to me & it kinda skeeves me a bit. date or no date?
  • 13:42:35: @agentadvice so does this mean we won't be having a "missed connection" at the @Souplantation? j/k
  • 13:51:53: You have something special to smile about today. Even if you d... More for Leo
  • 14:26:21: Enough with the Valentine's Day movie ads. some of us don't give a shit for sappy ass films like that.
  • 15:01:46: going to play the Follow Friday game: @sarajbenincasa, @jaycrawfordespn, @OGOchoCinco, @DanielBedingfld, @estepmike & @jamesbaltazar
  • 15:07:40: I'm thinking about doing Ride 2 Recovery for injured veterans would you donate if i did?
  • 15:20:10: time to get ready for work. still raining in L.A. need less of night job & more of career job. 1000WTD gave me taste of what i want always
  • 16:25:09: @CocksWithP guy who reminds me of a friend who is like a brother to me asked me out. Date or no date? @sarajbenincasa says date 2nd op?

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