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From Twitter 01-21-2010

  • 00:22:15: @snowwhiteonacid yeah. possibly next thursday
  • 00:23:32: this mofo leading the lapd on this chase better wrap it up before Conan/Dave comes on in like 10 minutes
  • 00:31:27: @estepmike that's disgusting. I swear, people would hate me, but if i had a clothing line, I wouldn't make above a size 10!
  • 00:43:00: I wish Johnny & Ed would haunt the shit out of Jay Leno and tell him what a damn unfunny douche he is!
  • 01:23:53: Joel McHale is going bald in the middle (noticed that when he leaned over while on Conan)
  • 01:25:02: Although today's presentation of your point of view can be qui... More for Leo
  • 01:37:00: DUDE!!!! David Letterman bought 500 box of Girl Scout cookies from a lady in his audience tonight!
  • 02:23:21: ok, really have to do some dishes tonight.....after possibly making a stupid facebook video
  • 02:32:29: forget "dick in a box", I got "cat in a box"
  • 02:51:14: Done procrastinating, going to listen to Sirius Love while i do dishes, get depressed, put head in oven ala Plath then realize it's electric
  • 02:52:56: @SaraJBenincasa my god, you're up late again.
  • 03:47:14: Love when breakdowns on LACasting say "role of a lifetime" & it's an unpaid student short. I should hope i get more than that in my life.
  • 04:54:10: @OGOchoCinco travel safe, my friend. Off to bed for me.
  • 04:54:32: time to go to sleep now that the rain has started again.
  • 05:21:48: Note to self: when dealing with tv networks, safeguard one's intellectual property.
  • 14:12:58: @jaycrawfordespn T.O is in Australia watching tennis...or at least he was a day or two ago.
  • 14:29:14: @rtoro20 it's freaking raining again in l.a.
  • 14:35:16: @RachaelRayShow watching the T'giving show on my dvr (it's backed up). THANK YOU!!! for taking care of Wilmington! (I'm from OH)
  • 14:37:07: @ricom15 i'm jealous of your 2:30 massage appt
  • 14:42:21: watching the Rachael Ray T'giving special on Wilmington, OH. Breaks my heart how that town has fallen apart :(
  • 15:01:33: @estepmike find something else to do after bumpin and grindin
  • 15:31:29: i feel old seeing Amanda Bynes on the cover of Maxim
  • 15:48:17: OMG!!! sunlight!!!
  • 16:44:56: @CocksWithP i totes wore sweatpants to my Lasik procedure so my friend wouldn't have to undress me to put me to bed when i got home!
  • 16:52:53: just voted "Sure, why not be comfortable" on "Is it acceptable to wear sweatpants in public?" vote too ➔
  • 16:56:43: time to venture out in the rain for an audition and then the gym.
  • 17:01:07: @SaraJBenincasa yes....if it's cold in L.A., it's freezing in NoCal. they were surfing under the golden gate today the wind was so intense
  • 19:00:08: Spin class time. Gym, glam, laundry!
  • 19:01:10: @ItsFrankiebaby cavs baby!
  • 20:19:00: Weight time, then yoga. Gymorexia is back.
  • 20:51:49: Yoga time. Btw suck it lakers fans!
  • 22:12:30: @ItsFrankiebaby Ohio via Hollywood
  • 22:13:42: Time for shower & food
  • 22:58:24: @LasVegasAngel nah, stay on twitter
  • 23:00:13: welcome new followers. only 20 more to 400 and I want that by spring training! spread the word, see what happens before one becomes famous.
  • 23:02:24: people are already lining up outside of Universal Studios for Conan's last show (in the rain, i might add)

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