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From Twitter 01-20-2010

  • 01:23:33: time to watch The Biggest Loser & regret all the bad food decisions I made earlier in the evening....then maybe throw up a few times. JK!!!
  • 01:25:09: @SaraJBenincasa dammit! I want to be Blossom (the red head PowerPuff girl). screw the olsens!
  • 01:26:23: @SaraJBenincasa oh yeah, a friend had a wig she used for a Winehouse costume. it'll work for a Jersey "do"
  • 01:42:39: Attention Kobe Bryant...enter the dunk contest and take on LeBron for Haiti, you pussy! @The_Real_Shaq orders you to do so!
  • 02:02:47: I love Curtis Stone when he goes on The Biggest Loser and teaches me ways to "cheat" correctly and tastefully.
  • 02:57:25: @DanielBedingfld I guess I could ask some peeps...Ow! stop twisting my arm! haha.
  • 02:57:53: yo peeps....follow @DanielBedingfld because I smell new music on the horizon.
  • 03:00:02: @Jfavreau Kobe just knows what he would be thoroughly embarrassed by LeBron
  • 03:22:17: @snowwhiteonacid noooooooooo fist pump is the friends zone according to Tough Love
  • 04:05:56: Are we really supposed to believe this Behind the Music ish that Bobby Brown is clean & sober?!?!
  • 04:24:20: it's raining again.
  • 14:23:04: at an audition near my house and it still took forever to get there.
  • 14:54:49: great! my dad is STILL in the hospital and STILL won't talk to me. Please continue with the good thoughts.
  • 14:57:27: @ricom15 hey rico. @OGOchoCinco told me to say hi.
  • 14:58:14: @rtoro20 So I'm told by ocho that i'm supposed to follow you. it's cold & rainy in L.A. today.
  • 14:59:50: @ItsFrankiebaby hey chad tells me i should follow you.
  • 15:11:05: @Alyssa_Milano watching your "Castle" ep. You go girl! Now come back to episodic tv every week
  • 17:02:23: @SaraJBenincasa did you know he can no longer drum?
  • 17:10:05: @SaraJBenincasa take some before u read this then:
  • 18:47:52: @rtoro20 welcome to my sexy party (as Stewie on family guy would say)
  • 18:48:39: @SaraJBenincasa i'ma representing the white trash...I can feel it coming in the air tonight
  • 18:49:47: Getting ready to clock in at my night job. My rainbow umbrella & pink polka dot rainboots kept me dry on walk from the subway
  • 21:03:43: @Jeff_Probst so sad. Is she the first alum to pass away? How about pink buffs to raise funds & awareness?
  • 21:04:18: RT @Jeff_Probst Survivor Fans. You may have heard that we lost a Survivor family member last night when Jenn Lyon from S: Palau passed away.
  • 22:10:27: @TimBella I'm not. Hell I can't even get a first date
  • 22:24:22: if you missed me on 1000 Ways to Die, the re-air is about to come on 12:30et/9:30 like FIVE minutes
  • 23:02:26: my IMDB ranking is up 193% this week:
  • 23:18:18: hey peeps, follow @estepmike when you get the chance. he says funny random stuff.
  • 23:22:41: It's raining men on most of them are not desirable in my eyes. Only need 1 though.
  • 23:29:18: @estepmike um, that's okay. unless it's Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue or Liz Hurley....I'll stick to the dick.
  • 23:35:06: @estepmike that's quite alright, i'm sticking with the boys.

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