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From Twitter 01-19-2010

  • 00:21:04: LeBron, you are breaking my heart not being in the dunk contest :(
  • 01:00:55: Everyone vote for Conan to be on Dancing with the Stars!!
  • 01:01:44: you know what sucks, getting a livejournal bday notification for a friend who has passed away :( RIP Jim (sorry about ur Chargers)
  • 01:24:23: You may feel as if your actions are on a collision course with... More for Leo
  • 01:31:34: re-air of Kimmel impersonating Jay is on right now. jimmy's impression of Jay only points out how blatantly unfunny Jay is.
  • 02:11:56: okay, i'm off to bed. it was a stressful day.
  • 02:18:01: I may have to facebook video my Jersey Shore persona....The Show.
  • 02:36:56: @estepmike MICHAEL!!! that is a horrible thing to say about a young lady!
  • 13:21:22: @estepmike NOT speak of the young lady like that. :P
  • 13:33:26: @OGOchoCinco if the NFL wouldn't let the Bears have a commercial with the Bhawks in CHI, they're not going to play with the NBA either :(
  • 13:35:10: @OGOchoCinco Didn't Shaq take on an NFL player in his sports series?
  • 13:35:33: I know it's nasty, but I kinda want to go somewhere and just look cute in the rain with my boots & umbrella
  • 13:57:19: @HeymanTalent I'm making you guys proud in L.A. (aired last Wed)
  • 14:01:42: @HarloweBlonde I like to buck the system....maybe I should take it back to blonde now. haha
  • 14:03:53: RT @OGOchoCinco: I wonder if they have a rehab for NFL FINES- I would never make it out that shh!
  • 14:29:22: dude! TORNADO WARNINGS IN SOCAL!!!!
  • 14:36:26: my mom and i just got into an argument because i said god can suck it. that's just how I feel with my dad's situation.
  • 14:38:37: for the record, god and i were already on the outs due to my nephew in 95. I haven't been much for Christianity ever since.
  • 14:39:01: I'm still spiritual just other avenues & beliefs.
  • 14:43:45: Floyd’s 99 Barbershop opened on Thurs @ 1555 N Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood 323-464-9300. special running thru Thur Jan 28th. 50% off haircuts
  • 14:44:40: hahaha, the weather guy is educating peeps about tornadoes.
  • 15:17:21: LACasting just effed up my profile and removed pix I didn't tell them to remove.
  • 15:26:02: @estepmike screw you! asshole!
  • 15:26:15: @NYCRedhead no kidding and they'll probably try to charge me to add them back
  • 15:48:45: @models former member spotlight on 1000 Ways to Die Mercury In Uranus
  • 15:49:29: being held captive by LACasting
  • 15:51:44: @estepmike yes the red is fake
  • 16:52:30: Thank you LACasting for basically probably costing me auditions today by screwing up my pix & not promptly adding them back
  • 17:13:49: hail coming down in Toluca Lake!
  • 17:15:43: @cbs2kcal9brk serious hardcore hail coming down in Toluca Lake. Can't even see outside. it's like a sheet!
  • 19:03:48: At the gym but I feel so anemic today. Yes, I ate
  • 19:37:36: @gradysize24 welcome back.
  • 19:45:11: Target run. At least the parking garage isn't flooded anymore. This rain is insane. Worst coming thursday
  • 20:25:11: @TimBella are you nuts? the biggest loser is only like the best reality show ever and it's on tuesday!
  • 20:28:49: btw, greetings new followers. I want 400 by spring training & if u didn't see me on 1000 Ways to Die:
  • 20:29:41: @snowwhiteonacid nah, it's Gym, Glam, Laundry
  • 21:10:01: @bcuban the biggest loser, my friend
  • 21:10:12: @DanielBedingfld does this mean the next album is recorded on your iphone?
  • 21:11:47: Eff this weather. need wing night at B-dubs. feel so lost w/o baseball or college fball to entertain me. LeBron is a horrible babysitter.
  • 21:38:06: I find it inspiring to get me to the gym and continue to spread healthy habits to others
  • 21:54:21: Tennis players are HOT. watching Aussie Open. never dated 1 cuz i didn't crap where I ate. Football & soccer players for me back in the day
  • 22:11:09: I love buffalo wings like @sn00ki loves pickles
  • 22:42:41: @SaraJBenincasa how do I make a jersey poof cuz I want to make a shore facebook vid & need one

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