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From Twitter 01-18-2010

  • 00:03:08: @stevenbward Saw the daddy issues ep. My dad has always been around & married to my mom for 50+ yrs. I still can't get/keep a bf.
  • 00:08:21: @_marramarie_ actually it was forecasted as El Nino a couple months ago.
  • 00:29:31: @snowwhiteonacid G I A...Gia! tell the bitch i'm here!
  • 01:24:42: Your need to delve into the unknown and discover what's going ... More for Leo
  • 01:39:38: @OGOchoCinco you MUST be on 71 between cbus and cincy cuz there is NOTHING there!
  • 02:34:06: my cat loves cheese puffs & graham crackers
  • 03:43:07: off to bed. 4-month post-Lasik check up tomorrow.
  • 04:09:07: Twitteramily (Twitter family), need lots of prayers today. dad is having surgery & I have to navigate traffic in rain 4 LASIK post op visit.
  • 13:45:01: Thanx for the prayers. Made it to irvine ok. About to see dr. Dad, is another story, we are in a waiting game now :(
  • 13:46:09: RT @HarloweBlonde Not as much as common consideration in LA would be RT @PatriciaStaino: Isn't rain in California a sign of the apocolypse?
  • 13:48:21: @OGOchoCinco do u really want to know why there isn't an mlk day parade in cincy? the answer isn't pretty & will make u level 5 pissitivity
  • 14:15:11: 20/20 vision, my friends!!!
  • 14:53:12: @HarloweBlonde yeah, I would trade it for better news regarding my dad
  • 14:55:20: @SaraJBenincasa what should I order at Sonic?
  • 15:15:40: Just for u @sarajbenincasa yes that is RAIN on my windshield!
  • 15:16:37: Sonic happy hour!!! I'm getting a limeade AND a slush...and maybe a shake too. Don't worry, I'll gym today
  • 15:34:01: RT @_marramarie_ RT @WehoDaily: another pic! RT @grandolbaz: Flooded target parking lot n weho @WehoDaily
  • 15:36:45: RT @cherylzzzz RT @LAist: Conan rally has moved to Gate 2 at Universal Studios. Conan delivers free pizza, security is freaking out.
  • 17:07:30: made it back to LA in one piece, but there are some seriously effed up drivers who have NO clue about driving in the rain.
  • 17:07:48: @deefybee I gave him sugar and caffiene
  • 17:23:21: RT @NYCRedhead: Holy hell. RT @andersoncooper: Anderson in the midst of looting chaos
  • 18:05:50: WOW! I just went to LACasting to change my pix and managed to only get charged $25 to change pix.
  • 18:44:42: @bcuban granny-vamp creeps me the hell out.
  • 18:44:59: time to hit the gym and go to spin class.
  • 19:43:39: My rose bowl shirt is here & of course I'm wearing it to the gym
  • 19:55:12: About to start spin class
  • 20:59:46: Holy shit, this chick yelled more than @jillianmichaels
  • 21:01:30: RT @bcuban There is something just a little wheels off seeing Kid Rock doing a PSA for responsible drinking
  • 21:02:13: @Dav3Ston3 word! I visualize the end zone during sprints in spin class
  • 21:40:23: @bcuban kid rock thing was so funny i HAD to rt!
  • 23:15:24: yeah...i'm not much for artsy fartsy movies. Can i please have back the last hr and 40 mins back Lost In Translation?

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