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From Twitter 01-16-2010

  • 00:22:54: @snowwhiteonacid of course.
  • 00:25:22: Getting ready to watch some Conan & Dave (switching back & forth). Who will bash NBC more. team dave in the 90s (& still), team conan too.
  • 00:33:38: @snowwhiteonacid they should totes use my h.s. for that next year.
  • 00:41:56: @snowwhiteonacid could you see me just turning total bitch on a bunch of people?
  • 00:46:09: There is a reason Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show bitter, and even refused to ever appear on Jay Leno's show. (think about it!)
  • 00:46:28: @snowwhiteonacid yeah, duh
  • 01:03:10: @estepmike did you watch my show, you douche? did you tell you friends and send them the link?
  • 01:13:09: @estepmike
  • 01:23:36: You might be angry with someone you like now, but expressing y... More for Leo
  • 01:38:42: Conan should bring Pimpbot out to play before he takes off.
  • 02:12:49: damn Taye Diggs is hot when he's pissed...catch up on Private Practice. THE PARTY IS OVER!!
  • 02:14:07: @kc8pgr i might have left it unlocked. sometimes, my clicker sticks cuz i spilled coffee on it once. yeah nothing was taken.
  • 04:19:16: I'm so paying for the in-n-out experience now. Sleep now. Up at 9 for work ugh.
  • 04:20:46: @Jfavreau I would like to be the vanilla ice cream on his chocolate cake but that lucky bitch Idina Menzel already ala mode-d him!
  • 11:10:05: I HATE day shifts & I'm only doing them if need be on weekends now. I'm sick of having to give shifts up for auditions
  • 15:22:51: Easy shift at work. Yay!! Easy money too
  • 18:08:09: Gym time & then target
  • 18:49:10: @ButterflyMomE no idea either
  • 18:50:06: Taylor swift's damn nerd vs cheerleader song is just a ripoff of a saving Jane sone
  • 21:28:58: Sammi needs to chill with not letting Ronnie not talk to any girls even as friends. I mean, come on!

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