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From Twitter 01-15-2010

  • 01:02:05: OMG!!! I know Jesus on the new season of Project Runway! He helped Gordana w/ her fashion show I walked in!
  • 01:20:02: @NYCRedhead wtf is up with that?!
  • 01:24:43: Your daily routine may be temporarily turned upside down today... More for Leo
  • 01:34:45: @snowwhiteonacid it's the Jizz-cuzzi!
  • 01:42:47: @NYCRedhead jesus! I could get to f'n Orange County in rush hour faster than that!
  • 01:50:17: YES!!!!! I love that there is a model in her 30s on Project Runway! Kudos to Heidi for this casting!
  • 01:50:29: @snowwhiteonacid it's adorable
  • 03:37:26: @GeneFallaize i'm so done with spidey if they put that god awful Pattison in the role. I had enough Emo-Spidey in Spidey 3
  • 04:34:29: just signed up for the free part of eharmony to see how much it would be..there are NO matches for me. can we get me on tough love already?
  • 14:47:31: At an audition where I need a "fake career" my fake career is now sports blogger haha
  • 15:30:23: @CocksWithP update, tried to sign up for eharmony. Basically got told "no matches for u. Save ur money" WTF! No joke!
  • 15:31:31: Someone was in my car last night IN my garage. Rummaged thru console & glove box. Took nothing because there was nothing to take.
  • 15:46:52: Coffee at Portos with my friend Maria from out of town
  • 17:29:27: @OGOchoCinco congrats, my friend! Now go win that race.
  • 17:32:49: @snowwhiteonacid it's obvi someone in my complex! there's no way you can get in without a key or clicker.
  • 17:36:37: OKStupid comment: I will be in FL in march & want to make friends. Me: FL is nowhere near CA, good luck with that.
  • 17:38:13: Guys contacts me and every picture is with his cat. That's overkill even for me!
  • 19:14:53: grabbing some starbucks and headed to get my hair "did". maybe gym after. my whole body aches. hope i'm not coming down with something
  • 19:36:04: @sarajbenincasa omg! Listening to show. My niece (2yrs younger than me) hit on at LEAST 3 of my bfs & my male best friend
  • 20:03:59: If u are missing a big white dog in Hollywood I almost just hit it on delongpre east of highland
  • 21:38:45: I'm so in trouble when I get home
  • 23:28:06: My hair be did
  • 23:43:49: Shouldn't do this but in n out time it is
  • 23:58:21: I just had the most scandalous in-n-out burger that I may very well have a heart attack where I'm sitting here in the place

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