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From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 01:20:18: @snowwhiteonacid come on, do it so we can mack and mock together
  • 01:25:53: @JillianMichaels omg. ur face as u're eating the "meal" on TBL is priceless & now I'm REALLY done with most fast food (was already though)
  • 01:27:03: @snowwhiteonacid haven't written back yet. letting it simmer.
  • 01:29:53: @snowwhiteonacid can i get a magnolia PR shout out for that as well, please?
  • 02:50:59: My back and hip are killing me. it's making me cranky
  • 03:03:26: on Ugly Betty, why do the girls have to sneak into the house with pregnancy tests when they are in paper bags!?
  • 03:27:44: If Ugly Betty ends after this season, PLEASE let her end up with Matt.
  • 03:56:45: random fact: I went 24-4 in matches my junior year of tennis. (was going through my scrapbook looking for something)
  • 04:08:24: looking back, my ass should've taken that 24-4 record, did 1 class in summer school, said "see ya bitches!" & taken the scholarship.
  • 04:18:57: my mom told me to "play for fun" now. Does this woman know who she is talking to? Even grocery shopping is competitive for me.
  • 05:09:56: @MyTrainerBob week 2 is always a great ep. Love jillian's face trying to eat that trashy food
  • 05:10:29: @bcuban slow pitch or fast pitch softball?
  • 13:08:23: You have resources that you haven't tapped into yet because yo... More for Leo
  • 13:43:03: @Kennyzimlinghau you dirty boy!!! A 5-way! I'm proud. I can only go 4. Allergic to onions
  • 14:10:18: Just had an audition where they wanted to know what team jlo & hubby part own. Like i didn't get THAT right! GO DOLPHINS!'
  • 15:08:08: Only way I will ever like Leno is if he drives ALL of his cars to Haiti and then lifts rubble off of people w/ his chin. RT @patrickborelli
  • 15:08:54: @rockinrobinp what was demi's soap?
  • 15:09:59: Gym time & then must clean & cook for 1000 ways to die gathering. Who is coming over? Hit me up!
  • 17:51:13: this is why i no longer have parties for one comes. nice f'n friends i have.
  • 18:44:00: @agentadvice catch me on "1000 Ways to Die" tonight at 10pm on spike tv :)
  • 18:44:36: @rockinrobinp dammit! i said one life to live. i knew it was abc
  • 18:45:14: @snowwhiteonacid sweet! i <3 brownies!
  • 18:46:47: @LemonLimeAgency catch me on "1000 Ways to Die" tonight at 10pm on spike tv :)
  • 18:47:35: @jaycrawfordespn catch me on "1000 Ways to Die" tonight at 10pm on spike tv :)
  • 19:15:58: @paulinalogan gratefully dead.
  • 20:15:02: @estepmike um why weren't you watching me on tv like 10 minutes ago?
  • 20:24:30: @estepmike 1000 Ways to Die....i've only been tweeting and fbooking about it non-stop for the past 24 hrs.
  • 20:39:00: think i'm going to have a short cry in the shower because my early bird parents stayed up to watch me on 1000WTD! east coast reviews good!
  • 21:43:17: OMG!!! little over an hour until 1000WTD west coast...oh yeah, east coast: you get re-air at 12:30am
  • 22:36:04: @LasVegasAngel 1000 Ways to Die @ 10pm....that's good! it will at least make you laugh
  • 22:46:15: hey west coast....15 minutes until my ep of 1000 Ways to Die on Spike
  • 23:52:51: If you missed my ep of 1000WTD, watch it online:

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