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From Twitter 01-11-2010

  • 00:43:03: the little girl who plays Juanita on Desp. Housewives cracks me up.
  • 00:49:33: @snowwhiteonacid get on, we can mock together
  • 02:35:00: Baseball Hall of Fame: You make Chief Wahoo weep....
  • 03:18:26: OMG!!!! THEY ARE OPENING A FRESH & EASY IN BURBANK!!! Olive & Verdugo!
  • 04:16:50: I sincerely hope this dumb bitch who went to hs w/ me didn't call my mom about something just to gloat cuz I'm on tv this wed so I WIN!
  • 13:26:13: @OGOchoCinco please tell me you're not spending the offseason in Cincy. it gets nasty there around feb-march weather wise
  • 13:31:09: @bcuban Happy bday and i agree about the Cavs statement someone else wrote, but the Mavs still my fave in the west :)
  • 13:31:59: @OGOchoCinco if i'm a girl, how do i measure my pissitivity?
  • 13:32:18: RT @HarloweBlonde: So we still can't cure cancer, but resources can be squandered to develop a drug to grow longer eyelashes. Un-fucking ...
  • 13:32:56: @HarloweBlonde And they let that vapid bitch Brooke Shield shill it. after reading Agassi book, really don't like her.
  • 13:33:43: RT @souplantation: Apples contain no fat, no cholesterol & no sodium. high in fiber and antioxidants. They help protect your body from d ...
  • 13:35:31: @JohnDeVore I'm going to be on 1000 Ways to Die, wed, 10pm Spike should watch. that's awesome.
  • 13:38:24: @snowwhiteonacid yes! where the old CVS used to be.
  • 13:41:01: @elizabeth_ann what is Hungry Bear?
  • 13:42:19: @snowwhiteonacid hell, i want to stay in the house and wear a pound of makeup for just 1 zit!
  • 13:51:33: Big deal, Big Mac admitted using the juice. Like everyone else wasn't doing it back then too. Don't care, still like him.
  • 13:58:08: @jamesbaltazar yes, chicks still do dig the long ball and I prefer mine off the bat of @gradysize24
  • 14:01:49: There are a lot of seriously fugly losers on OKCupid aka OKStupid
  • 14:06:46: @WriteGirlLA hola Write Girl
  • 14:17:53: @Rhiannon2408 regarding?
  • 14:44:59: Yay! Kings are home tonight, means I don't have to wear my ugly shirt at work tonight
  • 14:46:37: @springfieldnews New Carlisle native, Amy Harber, will be on "1000 Ways to Die" Wed Jan 13 @ 10pm on Spike TV!
  • 16:16:53: Gym, tan, laundry! Or in my world: gym, coffee, makeup
  • 16:24:51: @bonniegillespie miss Bon, see me on 1000 ways to die. Spike tv, wed @ 10pm :)
  • 17:04:26: You may have all kinds of big ideas about how you can express ... More for Leo
  • 18:03:23: @CocksWithP catch me on 1000 ways to die, wed Jan 13 @ 10pm on spike tv
  • 21:37:49: @OGOchoCinco why do u need a student loan? U should have the cash
  • 21:40:14: @SaraJBenincasa I have a friend on jets flight crew
  • 22:30:17: @Ksafitness I'm headed to
    24 hr fitness in hwood for arms & cardio
  • 22:47:35: @sarajbenincasa you best have ur dvr set for 1000 ways to die on spike tv wed @ 10 pm
  • 23:05:01: Yeah, I'd still let Big Mac step to me. Chicks dig the long ball regardless. The other Bash Brother lost me at Madonna

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