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From Twitter 01-10-2010

  • 00:00:07: @OGOchoCinco you should do an east-west caravan as well.
  • 00:13:58: @elizabeth_ann it's taught in the same geography class that homeboy from took think l.a. is in kenya.
  • 00:14:27: @michaeldempster have you ever noticed they dressed her like Gidget in those Boniva ads!? haha
  • 00:53:18: @michaeldempster i didn't really look at her ass. haha.
  • 01:07:26: MacGruber absolutely sucks if you were a fan of MacGyver. It's not funny at all.
  • 01:18:06: i've started exploring the joys of vodka again.
  • 01:27:55: @Ksafitness hey, the Miss Skank Hollywood pageant was in full effect at my gym again today. so sad.
  • 01:32:30: if i could go to any awards show, it would be the Golden Globes. Man, the champagne is flowing at that thing!
  • 01:40:56: well i'll sleep better at night knowing that even Alicia Keys can't get at least a booty call.
  • 02:24:54: @DanielBedingfld why not? did you try already?
  • 02:50:18: it's so funny how my cat sleeps on his side like i sleep on mine.
  • 03:20:12: RT @jamesbaltazar: 'Pay the Man,' Pizzas Delivered to Cleveland Browns Coaches
  • 03:20:30: @jamesbaltazar I seriously hope if they don't pay him that the Dolphins do.
  • 03:21:47: #imTiredOf U of Cincy fans who still think they are #1 in OH, USC fans who still think Trojans are better than Buckeyes, Red Sux fans.
  • 03:46:52: I did not know that Jenna Jameson, Katherine Heigl & Emily Deschanel are the same height as me. 5'9"
  • 13:26:14: @bcuban yes, because it was a crap game against TCU. Both teams played like ass.
  • 13:27:02: @jamesbaltazar thanx for reminding me that i need to write about the HOF
  • 13:28:46: @NYCRedhead That's why i tend to have at least 1 athlete in my celebrity 5, though Matt Damon could be a midgie and I'd <3 him
  • 13:30:33: @OGOchoCinco see if you can train with a baseball team...pitchers & catchers report in like a month.
  • 13:31:26: RT @jamesbaltazar: Hey, @NBC - how about bringing Southland back for a full second season?
  • 13:34:07: RT @bcuban: Aspiring Olympian battling leukemia, Seun Adebiyi makes a plea to save his life and others!
  • 13:34:50: @Ksafitness 24 hr fitness Hollywood aka the pretty people gym and where they sometimes film The Biggest Loser.
  • 13:43:23: @Wolffem not now that Jay is going bye bye at 10, of course, that would probably piss off the actors to be screwed around like that.
  • 13:55:05: i might go see Avatar just to help it knock off that stupid ass chick flick as #1 domestic film of all time.
  • 14:26:23: Time to shoot a couple pix for the skin care product line I'm a guinea pig for
  • 14:30:47: @ledbylove don't know when I'm seeing it. Just eventually, I hate titanic. It's ridiculous
  • 14:32:14: They are talking 9/11 conspiracy here, but they have some valid points.
  • 15:01:02: @SaraJBenincasa you are my hero with that horrid comment!!!
  • 15:02:17: Quick cardio session today
  • 16:29:55: @TimBella um, why can u not be closer to l.a.? cuz that sounds yum
  • 17:38:59: There's something special about rolling up on USC's campus for an audition w/ an OSU purse & gloating (evil laugh)
  • 17:58:56: Schools really need to teach their film students how to audition people. Spending 20 minutes per person isn't how to do it
  • 18:43:35: La lakers: a team of savages led by a rapist whose fans are raised by wolves...except Rhiannon

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