Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Why the Baseball Hall of Fame is a joke

I saw an interesting quote in the reader comments on on a story about how Roberto Alomar missed being elected to hall of fame by 8 votes and how the election system is messed up & it got me thinking. The quote is: I can see it now, years in the future, a father brings his son to the HOF for the first time, and the boy asks, "Daddy, who is the all-time hit leader?" The father responds, "well, son, that's Pete Rose, but he's not here, because he bet on baseball." "Really, Dad, he didn't play to win?" "Well, no son, just the opposite. On the field he probably played as hard to win as any man who ever put on a MLB uniform." "I don't understand, Dad, but can I then at least go see the all-time HR leader?" "Well, no son, Alex Rodriquez is not here either, because some people thought he cheated." "Well, Dad, then can I go see the real HR champion, the guy who is at #2?" "I'm sorry, son, but the greatest all-around player I ever saw, Barry Bonds, is not here either, but if you like, we can go see the plaque of Freddie Lindstrom?" "Dad?" "What son?" "Can we go home?"

It does bring up an interesting point that makes you think. The baseball hall of fame is not a TRUE representation of the history of the game. Most of the players who will deserve to be in there for their merits on the field will not be there due to character flaws or speculation. Nevermind the fact that some of the early pioneers of the game who ARE in the HOF were alcoholics, womanizers and wife beaters (who probably did some gambling on the side, but just never got caught). Hell, i bet some were even connected to organized crime. Baseball as a game has been corrupt throughout it's entire history! Don't believe me? Let's talk collusion & racism. Hell, let's talk about how the large market teams are allowed to BUY World Series titles year after year after year. Let's talk about how just now something is finally being done about the steroids even though they've been running wild through the game for at least 20 years.

Now add to the fact that you're putting ballots in the hands of the guys who were jealous of the jocks growing up in the first place. Those grudges in life run deep and if a player pissed off a writer with a "no comment" or a interview refusal, well this is how they get revenge years down the road. Basically, if you want to get in the HOF, have decent stats, never be outspoken or opinionated and hire a good PR person early on in your career.

And now for the part that pisses me off more than anything!!! Pete Rose not being in the hall of fame is a complete tragedy & trust me, the people of Cincinnati let Bud Selig know every time he's in Southern Ohio. He's about as welcome there as Art Modell is in Cleveland. Michigan fans are more welcome in Columbus than Selig in Cincinnati. Yes, Rose bet on baseball, but he is also the all-time hits leader and to deny him a place in the hall is to deny that part of the game. If you let the juicers in but you don't let Pete in, things are going to get really Cincinasty! (i do love how the Reds circumvent Pete's ban and work the gray area around it as much as they can.) I know, maybe we can add an asterisk wing to the hall of fame, then you could have Pete and all the juicers as "special members", they're not really in, but then you're not lying to fans about the history of the game. Want to know why attendance is down at the HOF, look in the mirror baseball and look at how you choose the members. I'm not saying let all the cheaters in, but something has to change with this outdated system of electing people to the hall. Some of these writers who are voting probably haven't been to a game in YEARS!

If someone was smart & had the money, they would start an unofficial museum of sorts (though I suspect MLB would squash it pretty quickly) to honor the true merits of the game regardless of character. Think about that quote up at the top again and ask yourself if you'd make a pilgrimage to Cooperstown to see the history of "almost the best" in the game. I might be an Indians fan, but I was raised in Southern Ohio by faithful Reds fans in the shadow of the Big Red Machine, so Cooperstown will never see a dime of my money until Pete is allowed in some way.

Baseball Hall of Fame....YOU MAKE CHIEF WAHOO WEEP!
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