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From Twitter 01-09-2010

  • 01:24:26: You have strong feelings about a family member or very close f... More for Leo
  • 01:44:44: The baseball HOF is becoming more and more of a joke every year. There! I said it.
  • 02:46:22: this time, my oj has a little kick in it to put the queen to sleep. if you know what I mean.
  • 03:02:29: @sarajbenincasa I just created a drink: russian creamsicle! oj, tbsp of cream, vanilla vodka or just regular vodka and vanilla syrup.
  • 03:04:08: @OGOchoCinco Happy Birthday. I can't think of a better present than good vibes to beat those nasty Jets.
  • 03:04:54: everyone go wish my follower @OGOchoCinco happy bday & good luck (playoff game on his bday)
  • 03:05:46: @Jfavreau i must blog about the comment i saw on which made me realize what a joke it is becoming, but later. sleep beckons.
  • 03:56:38: Nite loves. Job interview in morning.
  • 11:25:56: Job interview at W hotel then gym.
  • 11:39:45: @adean3 In la u take what u can get. Ca unemployment is like 15% & I've been interviewing for this job since July
  • 11:57:03: @adean3 I will say this, the security guard thought I was there to rent a townhouse suite by the month haha
  • 11:59:06: Lovely...1 position & they are interviewing like 50 people. Of course!!
  • 12:00:39: My outfit today is Ella sims meets Blair waldorf
  • 12:21:57: Just let 4 idiots with kids have it on for being illiterate. It says I don't want anyone else's kids!!! Reading is fundamental
  • 12:31:17: @HarloweBlonde I don't want anyone's baby mama drama....well unless it's matt Damon
  • 12:49:42: @adean3 if opportunities weren't coming acting/modeling & I had the money to move I totes would
  • 13:56:49: The bengals better win
  • 15:10:23: so basically Mark Sanchez admitted to being Carson Palmer's bitch in high school. hope it stays that way.
  • 15:27:21: the mac snack wrap looks disgusting.
  • 15:42:08: okay, gotta shower and go into work. they want me to come in early. uh hello...watching @OGOchoCinco!
  • 16:52:35: @LsRccrd it's actually brilliant. He branded himself.
  • 16:53:44: @elizabeth_ann is Nico a hairdresser? If so I might know him
  • 16:54:27: Headed into work. Seriously bengals, come on!! The buckeyes even broke the curse for you already
  • 19:13:12: @jaycrawfordespn congrats to your son
  • 19:13:45: Pre-paid legal peeps are high strung
  • 19:17:45: I'm so over football now. The rest of the teams nauseate me. Hope Lebron can entertain me for the next month & a half
  • 22:43:00: @jamesbaltazar who cares? It's basketbore
  • 22:44:31: Craving in n out
  • 23:29:28: what's the verdict on Sir Charles on SNL? should i have a date with him at 11:30 my time?
  • 23:45:40: @ButterflyMomE i had a 3x3 extra toasted and a choc shake

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