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From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 00:55:12: @TalentAgentLA welcome back.
  • 01:24:09: You are tempted to keep your frustration to yourself today bec... More for Leo
  • 02:52:30: Ronnie on Jersey Shore has a short temper. someone needs to tell him that's the steroids talking.
  • 03:27:27: @GeneFallaize how did you add your twitter?
  • 04:09:38: remind me not to look at "who's viewed me" on it makes me depressed cuz all the guys are like 40, fat & bald.
  • 04:12:09: going to bed. MUST take the recycling to the center tomorrow. it's taking over my kitchen
  • 04:49:12: @keithsmooth oh shit!!! That's hilarious! Must show my redskins fan friend. God, some of the jokes apply to the Cleveland Indians owner too
  • 04:49:39: @espnext_jerry it is an online thing, but I've heard nothing yet
  • 13:41:12: @TimBella OSU WILL be back in the BCS game this year and the 3rd time will be a charm! mark it! Buckeye Nation is out for blood now.
  • 13:43:37: @TimBella did you know Matt Kemp was nailing Rhianna now?
  • 13:44:13: @bcuban we Buckeyes like to call it a LeGarrett Blount now, thank you.
  • 13:49:52: @transmothra so now you have rabies too?
  • 13:51:09: @GeneFallaize money! hahaha
  • 13:53:00: @LemonLimeAgency I wish I was in.
  • 13:53:41: @HarloweBlonde because a tan makes you look thinner
  • 13:55:28: @dgoold because Ramirez didn't hit like a 3-4-5 when he was in Cleveland because he wasn't on the juice then!
  • 13:56:37: @robdeatonphoto WTF!!! if so, let me know and maybe I can swing THAT trip!
  • 14:44:07: @TimBella next year he will be solid. This year was growing pains
  • 14:45:41: Time for the gym.
  • 14:59:15: Just accidentally blew past 3 people I know at the gym. Sorry guys! I get in the zone, focus and see nothing but the goal
  • 14:59:51: The fall of the Trojan empire continues. Down with USC!!!
  • 15:58:12: Not even messing w/ the idiots on who can't read my profile. This time around they get smart ass emails. Don't care if I'm bitchy
  • 17:11:29: no picture = no reply...sorry loser guys on
  • 17:29:51: @bensbrain7 you gave me sad face when you squished my fish :(
  • 17:30:05: @keithsmooth 97....97....get it right.
  • 17:44:02: so much for taking the recycling in today
  • 17:56:59: @agentcesd hey, i sent my stuff to that email addy and it bounced back to me. Anything up with that?
  • 17:59:57: @estepmike football rankings: Ohio State # 5, UC #7...suck it!
  • 18:36:10: @keithsmooth shame! shame on you! bad sports boy! go to your room! j/k
  • 18:37:54: @OGOchoCinco seriously!?! You'll kill someone driving that on won't even fit in the lanes.
  • 18:53:34: Someone give Pete Carroll a fiddle so he can play it while the Trojan Empire burns.
  • 19:14:16: time to shower and get ready to go have sushi with my friend Eric. my belated bday dinner...yes i know my bday was in August!
  • 20:27:04: Sushi at katsuya studio city
  • 21:58:08: I have a major food baby going on
  • 22:13:08: Dessert at coffee bean with gift card my landlord gave me
  • 22:16:20: @KristinOswald colt came in 2nd in the Heymen Award voting. It's like the heisman but it goes to the hottest heisman candidate. Gerhart won
  • 22:42:56: @ledbylove what's that like? i forget.

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