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From Twitter 01-07-2010

  • 00:25:09: shower time. I'm so sore in my abs/torso that I can barely breathe.
  • 01:24:20: You may put a lot of forethought into what you are doing today... More for Leo
  • 02:04:56: oh snap...did anyone see the Survivor goodness during People's Choice Awards. Colby + Boston Rob = yum on both sides.
  • 04:02:59: more rose bowl pix!
  • 04:04:08: Me & the bestie celebrating the Rose Bowl victory:
  • 04:46:17: Seriously BBC?!?!!? THAT is how Robin Hood ends?! (catching up on my dvr) but I can tell by the finale preview what's coming. I call BS
  • 04:47:33: @fallenwiccan you mean ones without shitty endings like robin hood? That was a nice waste of 3 seasons
  • 04:51:04: @jaycrawfordespn mucinex, 2hr later zinc drop, 2-4hr later benadryl (red bull 1hr later to combat drowsiness). From fashion week playbook
  • 14:05:16: @fallenwiccan i missed the start of Being Human so i don't think i can catch up :(
  • 14:10:06: @bcuban i hope freecreditreport guy has saved his commercial cash
  • 14:10:42: @HarloweBlonde watch it now...she charges extra for the urine.
  • 14:12:48: @jaycrawfordespn Dolphins will take him :)
  • 14:22:55: I'm so sore that today is definitely off day from the gym.
  • 14:23:23: @fallenwiccan oooh, then maybe i can catch re-airs. they always seem to do a marathon before the new season on BBC America
  • 14:26:49: @fallenwiccan dammit, no repeats at the moment and it's not on DVD yet.
  • 14:55:32: @DanielBedingfld I hope new website means new album soon. Geez boy, you're taking longer than Duran Duran takes per album!
  • 15:19:23: Bruce Willis really IS the patron saint of parking. If u don't believe me. Try it
  • 15:53:52: @fallenwiccan how is Demons? EW magazine called it buffy-esque
  • 15:55:16: Off to work. Mom surprised me with big ten champs shirt in the mail today. Of course I'm wearin it
  • 16:16:54: @estepmike breakfast at ikea rules!!
  • 21:05:21: Roll tide roll. Sorry Texas but I'm still wanting to see Bevo cooked for last year & all the bs calls you got to win the game vs osu
  • 22:25:23: @KristinOswald even if he does he doesn't as much as the Baby TeJesbow
  • 23:35:05: Is there a freeway chase? I just saw like 5 highway patrol blaze thru downtown los Angeles
  • 23:36:39: Oh snap! Bevo got cooked and served up to the crimson tide

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