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From Twitter 01-06-2010

  • 00:15:02: Did Drea DeMatteo just drop the f-bomb in this ep of Desperate Housewives?!!?
  • 00:51:48: who wants to get rich with me? let's make shirts now for the OSU-Miami(FL) game in sept: Hicks vs. Convicts or Cowtippers vs Convicts
  • 01:06:37: mark my words: Clausen, McCoy, Bradford. at least 2 of these 3 will go higher than Tebow unless JAX or TB take his ass just to fill seats.
  • 01:18:38: ok, time to finally unpack from Ohio and pack for my shoot tomorrow.
  • 01:25:05: A stalemate is declared in a game of chess when neither side h... More for Leo
  • 01:44:18: I love how every time I go to pay my AT&T bill, the site is down. yet they call to tell me i haven't paid. anyone see the irony in this?
  • 02:09:20: is it bad that I can't remember what OSU stuff I spilled beer on at the Rose Bowl?
  • 02:10:13: @adean3 yeah but then they would just call me and knowing them, they'd shut off my Iphone over a penny!
  • 02:12:07: @adean3 what rock were you recovering under on Jan 1? Big Ten actually has a winning bowl record this season
  • 02:23:18: @adean3 when you do, ask them "can you hear me now?" and film it for youtube.
  • 02:28:05: @adean3 Orange and Rose are not trash bowls. ;)
  • 02:41:28: @adean3 Penn State beat LSU in the Cap 1 bowl and Northwestern barely lost in OT to Auburn. there is your SEC.
  • 03:19:32: oh look, Snow is trending....a licky boom boom down!
  • 03:58:16: @lindsaylohan tune to Sirius 111. Taylor comes on in an hour. She's a riot
  • 17:47:12: @HarloweBlonde she'd still show up late and then quit early.
  • 17:49:26: @CocksWithP once u get Lea a guy, can u help me? still nothing :( in return, I will gladly be ur go-to girl 4 anything sports related on CWP
  • 17:51:07: @CocksWithP to answer the earlier question, I'm on plentyoffish, okcupid aka okstupid & thinking of rejoining
  • 17:57:15: @estepmike you taking the challenge or me?
  • 17:57:37: @espnext_jerry ups package... yes, they fear my wrath
  • 18:03:49: Boycott H&M: Destroying unsold clothes instead of donating:
  • 19:03:55: @Ksafitness wish i could, but alas, no money :(
  • 19:05:21: @TimBella my faves are The Real World spoof, Black KKK member, the puppet kids show with Q-Tip & of course, Rick James.
  • 19:21:35: in my stupidity, i rejoined again. I'm sure the old, fat & bald will be flooding my inbox soon. where's the vodka?
  • 19:41:55: @jaycrawfordespn & @espnext_jerry may need you to vouch for me. I know it's the competition but might have audition for Fox.
  • 19:47:55: @HarloweBlonde that's because it's voted mostly by moronic teens.
  • 20:29:56: Gym time. It's what I do. Time to flaunt some more buckeyes stuff
  • 22:20:02: @espnext_jerry it's fox sports. They want girls with sports knowledge in the audition notice
  • 22:43:06: welcome new followers. I want 400 by start of spring training. where else are u going 2 find a self-proclaimed funny chick who knows sports?
  • 23:13:09: @NYCRedhead i deleted my myspace too today
  • 23:15:10: I deleted my myspace today.
  • 23:54:06: @SaraJBenincasa was tonight's show fresh? cuz might have to order a new celeb 5 for '10. oh yeah, i rejoined let the comedy start

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