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From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 00:08:09: @SaraJBenincasa i think the hot daughter is the reason for the anger
  • 00:11:14: @EricQuackenbush Cleveland Indians!
  • 00:32:23: @EricQuackenbush choke! cough cough. I remember when Tigers Stadium was Jacobs Field West.
  • 00:33:04: @SaraJBenincasa oh great oracle....should I try again or just start collecting cats?
  • 00:35:23: @TimBella dream on little school. 2010 belongs to Pryor & the Buckeyes. He started his Heisman candidacy on Jan 1 :)
  • 00:44:54: @EricQuackenbush could be worse, could be red sux
  • 01:26:51: You can make the most boring chore sound like a pile of fun to... More for Leo
  • 01:36:25: whoa...close call, i almost sent a fbook friend request to a girl I kinda punched in the face for messing with my guy bestie.
  • 01:52:07: FYI, everyone....Southland returns, but to TNT, not NBC on Tues Jan 12. spread the word so TNT will pick this awesome show up for more eps
  • 03:15:16: I have a difficult decision to make: try again or start collecting cats. place your votes
  • 03:37:05: I need this shirt:
  • 04:04:23: @ErikaMarie that is not an option at this point. I honestly could never live there again. I'd kill myself from boredom.
  • 04:04:55: @jamesbaltazar one or the other. this is like the game "would you rather"
  • 04:05:31: @ErikaMarie and why should I have to move, half the people I know here have found someone here! I'm just as awesome!
  • 04:14:47: @estepmike what are you watching?
  • 11:41:29: @espnext_jerry oh joy just what we need! Players who made Washington shitty! #sarcasm
  • 11:42:41: @bcuban what a douche...and I'm talking about James. poor little rich boy
  • 13:01:37: Rory markas, fox 11 sports reporter & voice of Angels baseball dead at 54 from heart attack
  • 13:50:53: Time for the gym & showing off my Ohio state purse
  • 14:03:32: @Jeff_Probst welcome. Was at the Emmys. Joseph Campbell quote inspired me. My mom <3s u, has seen every ep of Survivor. Me since seasn 10
  • 14:04:23: RT @Jeff_Probst My first tweet. Is it really this simple? I just checked and Ryan Seacrest has over 2 million followers. I have 37.
  • 15:30:58: Hot water heater fixed. Lime buildup was the issue. Quick shower, eat & go to work where I'm sure I'll be treated well *rolls eyes*
  • 15:33:06: @Ksafitness please address the dumb girls wearing full on hair & makeup to the gym and barely walking on elliptical reading tabloids
  • 16:13:46: @KristinOswald wait, what is the competition judged on because there is no way in HELL Katz over Laurenitis and where is Spielman?
  • 17:29:37: Oh joy, work! At least I have a job
  • 17:50:29: @LsRccrd if big 10 wins we have a .500 bowl record!!
  • 21:04:02: Never have arm day at the gym when you have to be a food runner at night. Hello pain
  • 22:02:42: Congrats Iowa! Thanx for keeping it real for the Big Ten. Now don't get any fancy ideas in 2010. Title will still go to the Buckeyes.
  • 22:04:06: @KristinOswald can't stand Katz. A-hole almost hit me with his car when he wasn't even supposed to be driving due to his DUI.
  • 22:23:42: this is going to come out wrong, but the first ep of The Biggest Loser for the season always makes me want to never eat again.
  • 23:04:52: god i LOVE it when Jillian screams at the fatties until they turn red and cry. that may sound mean, but obesity is unhealthy.
  • 23:46:16: @PimpD4Life what was that you were saying about GT's triple option & how it would pound OSU? well Iowa beat it & OSU beat Iowa. just saying
  • 23:47:22: Laughing right now at those who said the Big Ten would fall to Ga Tech's triple option. The Big Ten is back, baby! fear it!

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