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From Twitter 01-04-2010

  • 01:07:40: wtf is up with my face breaking out like i'm 16
  • 01:25:34: You may be resisting the inevitable and the more you fight you... More for Leo
  • 02:36:24: when did Chris O'Donnell get like Celebrity 5 worthy hot? hello NCIS Los Angeles.
  • 02:46:22: @jamesbaltazar i think Green Truck did catering for 1000 Ways to Die. now i can ask them.
  • 02:48:50: @Green_Truck did you guys do catering for 1000 Ways to Die?
  • 04:08:30: just started watching V on my DVR. Reptile peeps scared me when i was little. they f'n scare me now.
  • 04:28:21: Let's have some more truth in advertising:
  • 04:33:27: ups is due here tomorrow, their ass better actually call the box tomorrow or i'll be pissed.
  • 13:56:37: @OGOchoCinco Chad, I think someone other than your Granny said that about losing. See Buckeyes 2006-2009
  • 14:00:28: @fordmodels tell your L.A. office, in the words of ABBA, "take a chance on me"
  • 14:02:12: @OGOchoCinco This is why you are great. All the random acts of niceness you do.
  • 14:03:12: @michaeldempster but did you find Jimmy Hoffa?
  • 14:03:56: @transmothra ask me again at the end of the month when rent is due.
  • 14:04:46: @CosmoOnline i seriously need to kick the nail biting again...for like the 30204830th time.
  • 14:06:41: RT @MayorSlay: Pitchers and catchers report in 42 days. #fgs
  • 14:07:34: @Ksafitness oh i'll totally eff with the papz if I'm ever in a famous position
  • 14:09:26: @COSMORADIO apparently the number isn't a deal breaker for Carly Simon, Madonna or Annette Benning. they've been with Warren
  • 14:10:05: Do you think Warren Beatty and Madonna competed to see who had the higher number?
  • 14:11:25: @TalentAgentLA happy new year, now catch me on 1000 Ways to Die on Spike tv Jan 13 @ 10pm :)
  • 14:25:54: @Green_Truck I was talent on one of the episodes, your food is AMAZING!!!!
  • 14:26:55: I'm so over not being able to be as pro-active in my career as I'd like to be due to money issues. :(
  • 14:31:40: I'm stuck at my place waiting for UPS because brown must mean stupid. they don't know how to work the call box in my building.
  • 14:48:12: and no mail yet either
  • 15:06:09: @HarloweBlonde makes me long for Truth or Dare: The Deleted Scenes. haha
  • 15:07:51: oh boy, someone just added me as a fave on let's see if I'll be putting him in bald, fat, too old or all of the above file
  • 15:34:18: @CocksWithP no, end of story.
  • 15:50:19: @CocksWithP wait, not end of story....3 words: pet custody battles.
  • 16:25:30: @CocksWithP no, but now that you mention it, I might have to try it. haha. This is what desperation looks like in 2010.
  • 16:34:29: should I do another round of or just give up & get another cat & start becoming a cat lady?
  • 17:28:35: I'm watching new V and it's hella scarier than the old one.
  • 17:47:26: still held prisoner in my home by UPS not showing up at my place.
  • 17:59:43: @adean3 but i am not jewish. haha.
  • 18:47:28: Casey Johnson, daughter of NY Jets owner, heiress of Johnson & Johnson fortune & notorious party girl dead at 30.
  • 18:50:15: @KristinOswald yes the weather is better. I had my sunroof open yesterday, but after years here, you begin to miss seasons.
  • 18:54:52: @NYCRedhead kickback from the tourism board?! haha
  • 19:16:15: @snowwhiteonacid none of the above, but also not my type.
  • 19:53:10: I HATE YOU UPS!!! I can tell you what Brown can do for's called waste my day while i wait around for you NOT to show up.
  • 19:53:23: @snowwhiteonacid nothing with okstupid
  • 20:03:30: excuse me a moment while I laugh at Boise State and TCU's band. if there was a BCS for bands, Ohio State would win EVERY year no contest
  • 21:25:45: @espnext_jerry cuz buckyes got the best damn band in the land!!!
  • 22:30:49: @ItsTheSituation do u call ur bedroom The Situation Room & if so do you worry that wolf blizter will sue?
  • 22:35:11: If ups lied, sucked, betrayed & got lost anymore, it would qualify as a guy in Los Angeles
  • 22:36:12: Time to leave gym & head home to cold shower.
  • 23:12:03: UPS must've seen all my twitters. packages were outside my door when i got home from gym, yet they never called my apt box.
  • 23:25:07: This is what I was waiting for and my OSU earrings too!
  • 23:25:56: @Green_Truck i didn't die. I'm doctor of dude who died sticking things up his butt! LOL!
  • 23:26:47: @espnext_jerry yeah & it said it was supposed to be here when it wasn't! don't come between me & my Buckeyes shipments from the mother land!
  • 23:33:03: @gradysize24 Happy New Year! It appears the Buckeyes may have maimed/killed the Ohio sports curse, this is good news for the Tribe :)
  • 23:34:56: @bensbrain7 I'm mad at you cuz you were mean to my Dolphins! :P
  • 23:49:12: switched my Twitter background for basketball season....Go Cavs (it kills the time until baseball training camp starts)

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