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From Twitter 01-03-2010

  • 01:06:36: Finally free of that hellhole for the night. Sadly I know I will get called in for my on call shift tomorrow morning I just know it
  • 01:07:33: Los Angeles still smells like duck shit! Go buckeyes
  • 01:27:48: You are so ready for a change that you could do something comp... More for Leo
  • 01:34:19: @NYCRedhead yes!!!!!! love it
  • 01:41:47: water heater in my apt is dying, attempting to shower before it flatlines so I can apply 24-hr rule to showering if need be.
  • 01:41:58: @transmothra come here, i miss seasons.
  • 02:53:34: @Jfavreau yeah thankfully it's l.a. so i can just rely on lukewarm with a heater.
  • 03:51:34: Off to bed. Pray I don't get called in at 9am
  • 14:42:30: @OGOchoCinco i just want simple black Louboutins. nothing fancy.
  • 14:43:13: anyone know where I can pick up a roasted duck between north hollywood and the burbank airport? have to pick up @snowwhiteonacid
  • 15:48:13: Dear Bengals, I'm all yours for the playoffs due to my Dolphins sucking. Yes, i'm talking to you @OGOchoCinco
  • 15:55:37: thank god that i didn't have to go in at 9am. I would've killed someone.
  • 17:07:37: Yes, I'm a Buckeye & for about the next couple months I don't care if u think I'm arrogant
  • 17:41:42: Buckeyes: team of the decade, numbers don't lie for total bowls played, win-loss, conf titles & the win streak vs non-ranked opponents
  • 17:46:47: I had a dream about the 99-cent store Spencer pratt wannabe I dated. Hope that doesn't mean he'll re-enter my life
  • 17:57:34: Roses are red, ducks are feeling blue, to all you buckeyes haters a big eff you!
  • 17:58:35: @bcuban shhhh watch your mavs game. Everyone hates the lakers
  • 17:59:35: @bcuban that stupidity comment better not be directed at me, doll. :p haha
  • 18:24:10: @bcuban scoreboard!
  • 19:25:25: At b-dubs watching my adopted playoff team the bengals (since my dolphins dropped the ball) go @OGOchoCinco!!!
  • 19:32:22: Also got mavs-lakers shout out to @bcuban & @mcuban
  • 20:02:54: See that banner? Just make room to add 2010 on it now
  • 20:56:23: The Jets coach looks like he ate the practice squad to end the season
  • 22:34:08: @SaraJBenincasa what does it mean if I dreamt about the 99-cent store spencer pratt last night? i don't want him re-entering my life.
  • 22:35:01: @MattBesser Child Please! and same to Miss @SaraJBenincasa for retweeting such nonsense.
  • 22:35:39: @SaraJBenincasa yes astrology. If this leo here was anymore catlike, I'd be an actual cat.
  • 22:36:54: @itsmeleighton you are a sick sick girl with that turbulance comment. I'd have my nails gnawed to my shoulders.
  • 22:41:16: RT @ladygaga: To my little monsters! May your only pains in 2010 be champagnes! I love u. New years resolution: to enjoy life/warhol ele ...

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