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From Twitter 01-02-2010

  • 00:35:49: I'm awake now....the beer had to take a nap.
  • 00:43:02: @susynandfolsom no they must not!!! Dolphins still have a damn near impossible chance. Rose Bowl was INCREDIBLE!!!
  • 00:46:12: #in2010 the Buckeyes are not going to be your joke. They will make you eat your own face.
  • 01:00:50: @snowwhiteonacid i'm on call. i won't know if i go in until 9am
  • 01:01:45: rewatching the Rose Bowl....this time on tv instead of in person
  • 01:17:43: Oh it's all gone quiet in the PAC-10. wonder why.
  • 01:18:44: FYI, Rose Bowl is re-airing on ESPNU right now. I'm behing the OSU end zone, but high up.
  • 01:24:00: You have a list of tasks that must be done today, but you aren... More for Leo
  • 01:55:04: I'm drinking full-on regular Coke....I know, bad, but i haven't had one in FOREVER & it's part of my "recovery"
  • 02:19:22: @snowwhiteonacid you'd be like that girl from the first Police Academy movie...all timid until the shit goes down! DON'T MOVE DIRTBAG!
  • 04:17:16: Goodnight everyone, Happy New Year, Go Buckeyes!!! all that stuff. I'm going to sleep like a dead duck now.
  • 04:18:31: @EricQuackenbush wow...where was that powerful performance? oh that's right, it was wearing scarlet & gray.
  • 04:21:09: Brutus Buckeye made Puddles the Duck piddle down his leg. (how do you like that alliteration?) Go Buckeyes!!!
  • 14:29:09: think i'm going to go for a walk and get some sunshine
  • 15:58:27: time to wear my Ohio State shirt out in public and gloat!
  • 16:01:13: OSU beat Oregon, Oregon beat USC...guess that DOES prove that USC got lucky against the Buckeyes & that's the only reason why they won.
  • 17:24:43: Oh work, how I hope u go easy on me tonight
  • 17:25:46: @estepmike I think u should hand over the buckeye state football crown because the bearcats got OWNED!!! haha
  • 19:28:36: If u went to a school with academic standards like Ohio state, you would know it's spelled "semen"
  • 19:32:43: @bcuban you mean there is a bar big enough to accomodate Leach's ego?
  • 19:34:24: I work with some seriously rude & unfriendly assholes & bitches. #lastyeariworkinarestaurant
  • 19:35:10: Look here 2010, this is the last year I work in a restaurant.
  • 22:22:08: Must find new job. I refuse to be constantly berated by management for no valid reason
  • 22:22:51: @agentadvice is it ok to tweet agents/CDs to tell them u are going to be on a show?

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