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From Twitter 12-31-2009

  • 01:23:51: It's not just another New Year's Eve for you; this one may bri... More for Leo
  • 02:18:39: just saw the ep of Accidentally on Purpose I auditioned for. scene was reduced to 2 lines.
  • 02:33:50: i need a pedicure and a foot massage.
  • 03:43:50: really am going to bed this time. dear 2010, please bring me a guy. to quote @johncmayer "so tired of being alone so hurry up & get here"
  • 05:02:54: Bedtime. Kinda worried that my kitty is having problems jumping up onto my bed. He's 11 so it may be time for kitty steps
  • 13:20:12: @ErikaMarie i hope he's just being fat or lazy. he's turning into a real big pampered baby
  • 13:21:38: @TimBella i know that was the trigger for me to actually start using the livejournal I had signed up for earlier that summer but never used.
  • 13:23:12: @jamesbaltazar they're borrowing the Indians playbook?
  • 13:24:27: @estepmike pee in the corner of your bedroom again? i don't think that's how you christen an apt.
  • 13:26:33: #10yearsago had a guy, had a sweet job, surrounded by stuff I love, had the cat, had my biggest fan. now I nothing but cat :( f'd up the 00s
  • 13:28:19: Goodbye 2009 please die a horrible miserable death, you were like the 2nd worst year of my life.
  • 14:36:38: #10yearsago I rang in the new year snowed in & eating homemade lasagna with my bf in cbus
  • 14:55:46: Sweet Jesus! Want the best pedi in la, go see Yolanda at z nail salon in north hwood, ask for ultimate! Multi-orgasmic is all I'm saying
  • 14:57:00: How can I win the guiness stout lottery?! I don't even eat that beer
  • 15:27:27: @elizabeth_ann seriously? you're going there? that's like the most ghetto place to be on NYE. trust me, I worked 2 nye's there, so i know.
  • 16:02:30: @jaycrawfordespn let me do a day on first take in 2010!!! my talents are being wasted! haha. j/k happy new year to you too.
  • 16:47:35: Anyone have connections with makeup/cosmetics or nail polish companies? I have a sick marketing idea
  • 17:12:50: Most important lesson learned this year: job vs career. why I don't give a shit if schedule next wk suffers for giving up shift tomorrow
  • 17:14:02: Boys ignore this! Ladies, explain why I'm more regular & have shorter girly time off the pill than on it. Cosmo ladies, any insight?

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