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From Twitter 12-30-2009

  • 00:01:03: my knee just totally did that thing where it pops funny and i can barely walk. ouch. swear i have cartilege floating about inside.
  • 01:19:02: haha Zooey Deschanel on Bones is hilarious.
  • 01:24:42: Although the serious issues are not going away, it's easy for ... More for Leo http://twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=5
  • 03:42:41: Why is Chris Elliott (the comedian) always living in his parents' basements on shows? catching up on HIMYM!
  • 04:20:49: goodnight twitteronia. everything that could go wrong this year did & I wonder if a house will fall on me before friday.
  • 13:20:32: @CosmoOnline i'd prefer crazy night out, but i'm always stuck working
  • 14:17:53: landlord gave each of us $10 coffee bean gift card.
  • 14:34:32: @OGOchoCinco http://www.busrates.com/
  • 19:12:20: Tell job I have rose bowl tix, so they SCHEDULE ME @ 11AM!!! Good thing I learned diff between job & career in 09! Sorry, won't be there.
  • 19:27:52: @SaraJBenincasa I'll be your Al Cawlings and drive the bronco for ya!!!

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