Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 12-28-2009

  • 01:24:16: You may be overwhelmed with so many details now that you have ... More for Leo
  • 01:42:12: yes, i'm alive. i just went to @souplantation after airport and then passed out for a hardcore nap
  • 01:59:13: @ledbylove they got me hooked up with a cord that can be used in my car or computer for $24.95
  • 02:49:12: BTW, business as usual the last hour of flight
  • 03:04:05: @HarloweBlonde wanna trade? I still miss seasons and I don't like being this far away from my family anymore
  • 03:04:53: @snowwhiteonacid you have to hand that ball to the flight attendant to deal with. luckily, the brats behaved.
  • 03:05:25: I'm adopting the Bengals for the playoffs since the Phins had to muck things up and get bounced.
  • 04:15:53: Ahhhhh my own bed
  • 15:04:42: @SaraJBenincasa hahaha! me too. I was fine on my flight. business as usual with the ipod.
  • 15:05:20: @SaraJBenincasa some dude gave me a "lecture" about making plane comments on my fbook. I was like "chill out dude"
  • 15:06:38: so bummed, everything that was an awesome sale at Old Navy in Ohio was like $6-10 more here in L.A. #wanttomovebackeast!
  • 15:56:40: RIP Orlando (former manager at Hard Rock), thoughts & prayers for you & your family. you put up a brave fight :( #cancersucks.
  • 22:57:29: Oh Los Angeles, how I did NOT miss u. $10k & I'm outtie here

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