Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 12-27-2009

  • 01:21:17: There are several loose ends that still need to be tied up and... More for Leo
  • 04:56:58: final packing to fly back to Cali. have fun with me flight attendants if i can't have my ipod last hr of flight. #scaredofflying
  • 05:53:59: @OGOchoCinco my mom is a day care teacher. Hire her for "child please" daycare: haha
  • 07:38:05: Welcome to the aughts, Dayton, OH. you made it in under the wire!
  • 07:39:39: I got my shirt I wanted!!!
  • 07:58:46: All screaming kids on my flights will be introduced to "child please" daycare!
  • 08:09:58: @SaraJBenincasa you rock my socks!!! Blog away fair maiden. I'll do some myself when I get back to la
  • 08:10:56: Oh crap. Left iPhone charger at parents. Tis ok, that one has a short anyway & I need a new one. Apple store upon landing.
  • 08:26:23: Now I'm reminded why I hate continental. Mouthy flight attendants. I told you my bag would fit in the overhead, you moron! I know my bag!
  • 09:20:45: I blew a kiss to The Jake as I flew over it. Connection in Cleveland!
  • 09:44:37: If they need volunteers to fly later, I'm so on this ish.
  • 10:12:34: Me + pms + screaming unruly children = annoyed & pissed to the 5th level of pisstivity
  • 10:25:35: There are way too many kids on this flight. May have to play grey's anatomy home game at 35k feet & remove my uterus or tie my own tubes
  • 10:36:03: See u in l.a peeps. Go phins, go bengals!!
  • 15:27:25: Bladder, kidney, uterus, anything containing water..something is going to fall out of I don't get off this plane soon
  • 16:36:12: @ledbylove just curious. How much do basic chargers run for iPhone? Left mine in Ohio. Phone dyin fast :(

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