Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 12-26-2009

  • 00:25:41: My hip popped back into place after I started using spare pillow as surrogate teddy bear. Physical separation anxiety haha
  • 00:27:21: @snowwhiteonacid I might not have extra cash for a bit. Have to catch up
  • 01:22:49: It's easy for you to get so tangled up in the details today th... More for Leo
  • 05:31:47: Happy boxing day to some of you
  • 09:27:27: #in2010 I'm going get a kick ass agent, stop waiting tables and start paying the bills with acting & modeling
  • 09:37:05: @HarloweBlonde if the guys in Chicago are anything like L.A., get your Ed Hardy repellant ready. haha.
  • 09:44:54: @HarloweBlonde how about the mouth breathers?
  • 09:45:30: @MyTrainerBob do you only teach at Crunch?
  • 10:01:08: i think it's nap time.
  • 14:12:16: @MotoMobile @OGOchoCinco has played in 5 pro bowls (can my mom collect the tickets?) she's the Bengals fan & I'm flying back to CA.
  • 17:24:39: RT @tericee: Dear TSA, It's Called Profiling. Please start doing it -
  • 17:25:23: @tericee yeah i don't give a shit if it comes off racist either.
  • 18:28:28: just heard that the other manager responsible for my firing from Hard Rock got fired himself. I hope it's true. if so, I <3 karma!
  • 19:29:00: I got a special Xmas present from my "aunt" (checks xmas stockings for loose Vicodin)
  • 20:19:40: 69 (hundred), dude!!! that's how many tweets I have (well 6901 with this).
  • 20:22:54: I need someone to pick me up at LAX (or Van Nuys FlyAway) around 4 tomorrow. Any takers?
  • 20:30:34: @snowwhiteonacid those days you follow The Brittany Murphy diet and just don't eat. what?! too soon?? don't look at me like that!
  • 20:44:55: @DrewFromTV Cleveland (Indians) Rock! Now go buy the Tribe from their cheap owner and deliver us a winner!
  • 20:58:49: showering and then packing.
  • 21:08:27: @snowwhiteonacid i scare her off with a sandwich!
  • 21:09:05: I'm probably going to burn in hell for the 2 bad Brittany Murphy jokes I've made in the last 30 minutes.
  • 22:11:18: @snowwhiteonacid we have Ohio State chips!
  • 23:14:33: going to sleep and putting the computer in nap mode. back to Cali in the morning. want to go, don't want to go.

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