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From Twitter 12-22-2009

  • 00:09:56: @espnext_jerry yeah, i got a photographer that i always work with when i'm in Ohio. he's near middletown.
  • 00:23:48: I have crazy ass dreams:
  • 00:36:01: @thegregjohnson nom nom nom
  • 01:02:32: going to bed. American Pie: Book of Love comes out today, watch it cuz my friend Johnny is in it.
  • 01:21:29: If you have been dealing with any health concerns recently, th... More for Leo
  • 10:08:59: had to set an appt for my dad, bitch receptionist got snotty with me. I introduced her to Calitude...that's California attitude!
  • 10:15:09: @jaycrawfordespn congrats!!
  • 10:16:59: @OGOchoCinco *hugs* from me & my family. mom still says you're invited to dinner in New Carlisle, OH. i do what she tells me. she's 71.
  • 10:17:54: @SaraJBenincasa woman, haven't you learned by now this is why Cosmo & marie claire are better (& their font is easier to read too)
  • 10:19:10: @SaraJBenincasa my friend reps Delicate Raymond for PR. they seem to have nice stuff.
  • 10:19:59: @ESPNZoneLALIVE I'm going to give that a good ol' Chad Ochocinco "child please" Buckeyes will make the Ducks "kiss the baby"
  • 10:21:50: @bonniegillespie I know what you mean. I enjoy most dreams with my grandmother & wake peaceful & calm.
  • 10:23:01: @thegregjohnson Wilson parent: well you both need to get REAL jobs & stop doing this acting thing!
  • 10:24:08: @HarloweBlonde and shame on Metallica for ruining Napster and also themselves. They haven't been the same since.
  • 10:27:55: @SaraJBenincasa Gordana from PR is indie & dressy (i think she sells online, has boutique in san diego). Brooklyn Royalty is more casual
  • 10:42:42: @MrOhioBoi where you from in Ohio? I represent the 937, but in college I was the 419 & 614.
  • 10:44:21: Eeesh! when i was growing up in OH, there were only 4 area codes. Now there are 12. Can u name original 4? I can
  • 11:20:02: @HarloweBlonde but Metallica LOOOOOVES Chicago! haha.
  • 11:21:16: @wolfblitzercnn You should sue if The Situation on MTV's Jersey Shore tries to call his bedroom "The Situation Room" haha.
  • 11:52:25: @ErikaMarie that is originally C'bus and Southeast Ohio. Now it's just C'bus.
  • 12:06:04: Call 1-800-295-0051, ignore English or Spanish, wait 10 seconds & u will smile. Keep going, press 4, listen to the options...then press 7.
  • 12:37:19: day 2 of my hip being out of alignment. I'm in so much pain. where's some vicodin or a chiropractor when you need one?
  • 13:15:29: @LasVegasAngel imitate the mexican maid from Family Guy. Aw Kristin no es aqui. No habla ingles. gracias.
  • 13:31:19: @LasVegasAngel maybe you should learn it in french then. haha.
  • 13:32:17: @wendymichelle77 hey now! that wet panties comment wasn't spam, that was just me watching really good baseball game!
  • 15:44:10: @LilMissEmmylou i love that. i had a similar one about the skank formerly known as my niece.
  • 16:00:05: @elizabeth_ann hey there sugar tits!
  • 16:11:22: RT @jamesbaltazar: Kobe AND Brady ahead of Pujols? WRONG~! ...
  • 16:11:45: @jamesbaltazar i'm going to give that a big ol CHILD PLEASE to SI
  • 16:43:27: Seeing invictus so I can get my matt Damon fix
  • 16:48:30: No stadium seating, no cup holders in the seats, but $5.50 all day tue & matinees, $7.50 all other times
  • 16:59:53: And no one but me in the theater. Just me & matt Damon for 2 hrs
  • 20:01:36: mmmmmmmm Matt Damon coma.
  • 20:03:21: @wendymichelle77 keep trying! it's funny. As for certain baseball players, in the words of the late great Brittany Murphy "i'll never tell"
  • 20:04:36: @jamesbaltazar i have no desire to see those shitty emo vamps. I take my vampires Buffy-style!
  • 20:21:44: hello new followers. Ignore the temporary mass tweets. I'm bored in ohio so this is what I do.
  • 20:24:01: @HarloweBlonde i don't know, but share the pills! my hip still hurts!
  • 20:30:36: @SaraJBenincasa sadly, just my bf coming home from college back in the day. for the love of jesus, santa!!! BRING ME A MAN THIS YEAR!!! haha
  • 20:35:06: note to self: you will not get behind in logging your audition information in ActorTrak next year. man, this sucks catching up.
  • 21:21:13: Hey guys, just found out that my ep of 1000 Ways to Die airs Jan 13 @ 10pm on Spike!!! "An anal compulsive turns repulsive" & I'm his doctor
  • 21:21:58: @SPIKE_TV can't wait to see my episode of 1000 Ways to Die on Jan 13!
  • 21:34:16: @SaraJBenincasa i like to watch the video and play "guess who is coked out of their minds?!" start with John Taylor of Duran Duran.
  • 22:53:19: sleep. getting up at 7 to go to breakfast w/ my dad & all his crazy retiree friends at McDonalds in the morning.

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