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From Twitter 12-21-2009

  • 00:26:16: Cold weather is not my ankle's friend. Finished Agassi's book. Incredible
  • 01:23:45: You know there will be hard work ahead of you, but you might n... More for Leo
  • 10:43:12: @snowwhiteonacid why do you have anxiety? yes he talks in detail about Brooke & how he stormed off the set of Friends too.
  • 11:07:21: @castrovince "most of these guys I haven't heard of and the ones I have are way past their prime" "most of these guys never had a prime"
  • 11:14:03: Note to ESPN: make your next regional site ESPN: Ohio, that ish would be huge, but if you have to choose a city, make it Cleveland.
  • 11:21:56: @thegregjohnson i hope you find that funny when you're burning in hell!
  • 11:34:07: @HarloweBlonde i hope so. last meeting i got called into didn't go so well when I thought it would.
  • 11:46:38: @HarloweBlonde what sucks the most is that I wasn't even allowed to defend myself & now that asshole is gone, I still can't fix it.
  • 11:56:40: @HarloweBlonde the worse case is that most of us have no way of reversing the damage done because they made us perm. non-rehires.
  • 13:04:05: @DadeCountyBoyz @OGOchocinco wants you to call him.
  • 13:06:03: This twin bed at my parents is killing me. first, my back. Now, my hip is out of alignment. long for my queen in Cali.
  • 13:19:22: crazy ass dreams last night: filming in my apt, made out with ex in a van, got Iphone crushed at high school, Nieder escaped the apartment.
  • 13:59:06: going to the post office for my parents.
  • 15:20:48: @michaeldempster dude, your brother is
  • 15:24:49: wtf is up with netflix? i can't get the site to load.
  • 15:36:01: @CocksWithP anything but Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer. if you've lost a loved 1 at Xmas, u will NEVER think that song is funny anymore
  • 16:52:35: @HarloweBlonde congrats
  • 16:55:30: Eating my way thru southwest Ohio again. Cici's pizza with my bestie from hs aka Jason #1. Who knew then he was the start of THAT! haha
  • 17:00:43: Time to make everyone think I'm bulemic up in this buffet!
  • 17:01:23: @CosmoOnline 8 mile!
  • 17:24:09: Mac n cheese pizza
  • 18:38:01: @jamesbaltazar you paying? ha ha.
  • 18:40:06: @tericee hell yeah it was good.
  • 18:40:35: @NYCRedhead it was sinfully good. i'm going to work out later or something. haha.
  • 18:41:16: @michaeldempster if he's at the mall, he's at the Mall of Vagmerica.
  • 19:21:21: RT @NJ_StevePoliti: I'd say the Redskins stink, but that's an insult to other odors.
  • 19:31:51: my apologies to my followers. I'm sorry for so many tweets while i'm in Ohio, but it's damn f'n boring & my parents don't like me out late.
  • 19:33:22: @michaeldempster i ate so many carrots when i was a baby, the palms of my hands and feet turned orange but that's all i wanted to eat.
  • 19:34:40: #youknowyourfat when The Biggest Loser cast you on the show.
  • 20:21:06: organizing pictures on facebook
  • 20:22:38: @NYCRedhead yeah i always bring clothes to work out & then i really just sit on my butt the whole time i'm in OH.
  • 20:25:39: @espnext_jerry I'm the baby. i will always be the baby. Also "late" to them is like 9pm. they go to bed with the chickens. haha.
  • 20:50:33: @espnext_jerry for the most part good though i don't think i'm going to get a photo shoot in with my fave photog.
  • 21:10:35: @LsRccrd i just need to get famous and then i'll be either football or baseball. god, have some patience! geesh!
  • 21:25:54: @LsRccrd Alyssa Milano is all about the baseball, but she's taken
  • 22:52:37: @_marramarie_ yep, she was from here in Clark County (Springfield, OH)
  • 23:27:37: i realize had there been cell phones & internet when i went to high school.....well, it probably would've been worse than it was.

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